If you’re more likely to show up to work or a night out with friends after you’ve just hit the gym than after you’ve spent hours prepping, then it’s also likely you need a few secrets to keep yourself looking fresh at the same time. There’s nothing worse that having a great sweat session and then realizing you have to quickly pack up and make a meeting with some very important people. Here, a few beauty tips to keep fitness junkies looking their best.

Travel-sized deodorant is your friend. Truly. It is small enough to stick into almost any size purse so there’s no reason to have lingering body odor back in the real world. On the same note, Yes to makes amazing on-the-go facial towelettes that can be used for any part of the body. A quick wipe and you’re clean no matter where you are. (They’re even regulation TSA plastic baggie-size approved!)

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Maybe you’re the type that exerts so much effort during your workout that you’re embarrassed to head back out on the town with a tomato-tinged face. Let’s be honest, this happens to a lot of us even during our warm up. Carry a spritz bottle of facial mist with hints of aloe and green tea. Plus, a big glass of cool water can help.

Sweat soaked hair doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It makes the perfect slick, high bun. Try fastening a high ponytail to start, and then braid those loose strands and wrap. Secure the end with a bobby pin. No one has to know that it took less than one minute to look that good.

If you’re not the bun type then dry shampoo is for you. I love Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo by Tigi, which was recommended to me by my hair stylist. It’s great after the gym or even on those days when I don’t have time to go through the entire shower routine.


Sometimes the amazing after workout glow that we get just isn’t enough to suffice us. Make-up may be a necessity. If it is, stick with the basics. A tinted moisturizer, some mascara, and your favorite lip gloss or chap stick to give those lips a healthy glow.

It takes minimal effort to go from looking and performing like a gym rat to being presentable for anyone you might need to meet later that day. There are so many great tips for looking your best post-workout. These quick, easy fixes will get you on your way fast.