Having my first baby was the most amazing experience I have ever encountered and the most terrifying.  Here is this little person who relies solely on me, and every decision I make effects him.  I first came to realize this when he was only a few days old and they wanted to give him them hep b vaccine.  I declined, as i knew my newborn son wouldn’t be sharing needles any time soon.

The night before his two month wellness checkup, I was extremely anxious and could barely sleep.  I knew that my little boy needed to be vaccinated but i also knew that seven vaccinations in one day was a little much.  Nonetheless, at the appointment i hesitated and decided against vaccines at that time. Over the last two months I have been researching and talking with other moms about their decisions.  I have come across so many different alternative schedules, and have become overwhelmed.  Is there a right one? Will I make the right decision?

More and more moms are deciding to delay some vaccines, while others don’t understand why we would even think to do such a thing.  Its a very fine line and there seems to be negatives every way I look at it.  If I don’t vaccinate, I run the risk of my son contracting any number of things.  If I do vaccinate, I could run the risk of serious reactions and lasting effects.  I feel like I lose either way.

His four month appointment is coming up next week and Im getting anxious again. We have decided to vaccinate two at a time, so that there is less likely a chance of a reaction.  If God forbid there was one, I would be able to narrow down which one it was and avoid it in the future.  I know he needs to be vaccinated and I would never forgive myself if he got anything.  Thankfully we have a pediatrician who is willing to work with us in creating a vaccination schedule that we feel comfortable with.

Looking back I never thought this would never be such a hard decision for me, but all I can do is hope and pray I make the right one.  So, off to the doctor we go.


Photo: http://www.askamum.co.uk