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With the holidays behind us, sometimes the hustle and bustle of life causes us to forget that warm, fuzzy appreciation we feel for our family, friends and especially, our spouses. With that said, here are some great ways to show your spouse that you love and appreciate them for all that they do, all year round!

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Write them notes! Writing little notes, drawing funny pictures or setting up reminders in your spouse’s lunch box, car, wallet or phone will bring a smile to their faces throughout the day.

Pick up their favorite treat after a tough day. After a rough day at the office, sometimes bringing home a special treat like a cupcake, a beverage of choice or something else small but inexpensive is just what your spouse may need to brighten up their mood.

Plan a surprise date. Planning something for just the two of you is a way to show you care enough to take the initiative and spend some quality time together.

Cook their favorite meal (or order takeout). The old saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” continues to hold true — but not only for men anymore!

Set reminders on your smartphone to remember special occasions (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). How about what not to do… forget a special occasion…don’t let that happen!

Give compliments! After all, who doesn’t want to hear they look good or are doing a great job at something?

Ask their advice – and follow it.  Showing your spouse that you value their opinion not only makes them feel appreciated, but dependable.

Impromptu back/foot rub? Yes, please! I don’t think this one needs an explanation!

Send an “I love you” text or email. It’s a quick way to put a smile on their face throughout the day.

Choose your battles. Spouses hate nothing more than to always be the one backing down or apologizing during the normal tiffs of a relationship. Don’t let yours be one of them!