When you live in an urban setting, gardening can seem difficult but armed with the right tools it can be done. My son is currently 9 months old and I want him to grow up with as many homegrown fruits and vegetables as possible, so I began a little digging.

Here are 7 ways to grow your urban garden!

1. Ask permission! An article at About.com, explains that one of the first things you should do if you live in an apartment (and we do) is, check with your landlord, before you go through the effort of preparing and planting.

2. Consider your space. About.com also explains that, limited space means you are going to have to make choices. You won’t be able to grow every plant you love.

3. Feeding the garden. If you live in an urban setting you want to make sure you have clear access to any water and fertilizers you might need.


4. Monitor seasonal conditions. According to NaturalNews.com, keeping tab on the environment to schedule the right moment to carry out treatments against certain diseases affecting plants can be identified, thus resulting in the use of the necessary products at the right time.

5. Temperature. In another About.com article they explain that it is important to not move your vegetables outside until you know the soil is going to be 60 degrees F because most plants do not like cold soil.

6. Choosing a container. You can use almost anything for a garden planter as long as it is big enough and has good drainage. Keep in mind though, that the larger your container, the easier it will be to maintain, says About.com

7. Have fun! As with anything in regards to children, you want to make sure that you experience it together. They will take more of a vested interest in the project, that way.


I’m excited to get my garden started! Who’s with me?