Who doesn’t love sitting out on your deck or porch in the summer with a warm breeze and a cool iced tea? If this is your ideal summer day, we have some bad news. That iced tea you have is packed with sugar! Most sweetened teas come with an additional 200 calories. There are plenty of ways to get the tea sweet using natural sugars, substitutes and new flavor combinations. Check out these 5 Summer Tea Recipes for a truly refreshing beverage:

1. Skinny Sweet Tea┬áby Skinny Mom: The sweetest thing about this tea? It’s only 100 calories per serving (8 oz)!

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2. Hibiscus-Pomegranate Iced Tea by Eating Well: An herbal blend of sour, berry-packed hibiscus tea with a tart pomegranate juice. This tea is only 19 calories per serving. However, you may want to sweeten it with some Stevia or Splenda! (photo credit here)

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3. Sweet Peach Tea by Self: According to Self, a great reason to “steep and sip” is for the tea’s polyphenols which have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. This particular tea has a natural punch of peach with a hint of mint. Only 71 calories! (photo credit here)

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4. Minty-Lime Ice Tea by MayoClinic: This tea turns out so beautifully. The mint leaves and extra garnish add a little Martha Stewart to an extremely simple drink to make. (photo credit here)


5. Blueberry-Lemon Iced Tea by Health: Prepping, cooking and standing time only takes twenty minutes total. Place in the fridge for one hour and you are set to fight summer’s heat. Utilize your fresh or frozen blueberries for this naturally fresh tea! (photo credit here)

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