Tasty Brand is a line of healthy, organic and tasty treats for kids and parents alike. This brand was created by two moms looking to make a snack yummy enough to satisfy their kids’ sweet tooth without all the unhealthy ingredients. These products are certified organic and made without GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup or anything artificial, and they are delicious!

Tasty Brand sells organic cereals, organic cereal bars (pumpkin pie & carrot cake) and fruit snacks (original fruit flavor, superfruit and organic sport fruit snacks).

The Tasty Brand slogan, “a perfect treat for kids 2 to 102”, rang true with all my test takers. I had kids, teenagers and adults taste test all the products and they loved them! Most of the parents that tried them instantly asked where they could get the products because their kids loved them and immediately asked for more. The parents enjoyed giving their kids these healthy treats just as much as the kids enjoyed eating them…definitely a win-win situation!

Tasty Brand has received a lot of great attention in the spotlight. Positive reviews are appearing all over the media – magazines (Vanity Fair, O – The Oprah Magazine, Life & Style), television (The View) and all over the Internet. Stop by your local Kroger or Whole Foods and pick up a package of any of the Tasty Treats and I can almost guarantee you’ll be back for more!

Better yet, you have a chance to win a free sample of the treats right now! Simply comment on this post below and your name will be entered in a drawing, and one of you lucky moms or moms-to-be will win!

For more information on the Tasty Brand products, including where to buy, visit http://tastybrand.com/index.cfm.

Product was received for this post. However, opinions expressed here are my own.