So let’s talk about your breasts, boobs, tatas, girls or whatever else your name you have for them.  I am going to be frank, straight forward and candid and in the end, your comments can score you a fantastic new bra from my friends at Moving Comfort.  Remember finding the right sports bra, is like finding the right mate…it may take some time but Moving Comfort has made it so easy with the virtual fitting room…don’t you wish there was a virtual mate finder.

Ok…so let me first say this, a good sports bra is as important as good workout shoes.  A good sports bra will make you look slimmer and make the girls feel better.  A good sports bra does NOT allow for your breasts to bounce up and down to the beat of your stride, nor does it allow for your boobs to sway when doing cardio.  A good sports bra is a MUST.  I can’t stand when I see girls running or on the cardio machines and their tatas are bouncing so violently that I can’t stop staring.  This isn’t just vanity ladies, it is a health hazard.  The ligaments that hold up your breasts, once stretched can ONLY be fixed via surgery.  So good support now, will mean perky boobs later.  I want to also say this, it doesn’t matter if you are a AA or a DDD, you need adequate support.

I was the queen of 3 cheap sports bras…yes, I said three.  I had to wear three cheap bras because one cheap bra didn’t contain the bounce that my boobs had when I worked out.  I still remember the day that I walked into our local Fleet Feet running store and was actually measured by a staff member and then given direction as to which sports bra I should buy.  I was so excited that one good sports bra could hold the bounce and supported me well…I would have far less laundry.  Yay.  I started my Moving Comfort bra selection with the Fiona, I loved it.  It had adjustable straps, it was perfect for my hard to fit 32DD chest and I didn’t move at all when I wore it.  Best of all, I got rid of the uniboob look that I had been rocking since highschool and since three bras were holding a great deal of sweat the chaffing was gone with the Fiona.  It was great under t-shirts and running clothes, the Fiona was and still is an awesome bra.  But, since I have been lifting and my shoulders look pretty good (ok, to me they look pretty good), I wanted a racerback bra so that I could wear racerback tanks.  So, I went to the ladies at Moving Comfort for some direction.  They filled me in on the greatest new invention to internet ordering, the virtual bra fitting room.  It can be found at Moving Comforts bra finder website (click on the link) and off you go.  The bra finder is so simple, you will need a tape measure and I beg each and everyone of you to be honest with the measurements.  Plug in the measurements and within seconds your size and the appropriate bra comes up on the screen.  It is genious!  They ask you about light/medium/high impact activities. I always choose high impact because after I lift I do cardio right away so I need a good solid bra that holds the girls in, yet lifts and seperates.  When I used the bra finder, I ended up withthe Juno bra.  It is a racer back with adjustable straps.  It has a slight inner foam liner to prevent nipples from shows and it has a material in it that prevent the funky “I sweat too much smell”.  I got the Juno yesterday and haven’t taken it off since…yes, I will put it into the laundry today.

I want to thank moving comfort from the bottom of my heart for partnering with skinnymom.  There is not a better sports bra company out there and best of all they have your girls in mind at all times.

Here’s the skinny.  Go visit the virtual fitting room.  Then stop back to the blog or on facebook and let me know how it goes for you.  On Monday, May 9th I will give away a bra to a random person who comments.  I would love to hear any terrible tales about bad bras too.  Oh and remember the more feedback that we get here means the more giveaways we will have later.  Free stuff is so cool!  Thanks again, moving comfort.  To qualify for the free bra giveaway please visit the facebook page at

Product was received for this post. However, opinions expressed here are my own.