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When temperatures rise, working out in the gym or at home probably doesn’t sound as fun as spending time outside in the fresh air. Fortunately, there are still a ton of great ways we can move our fitness outdoors and even include the kids. While park workouts, walking, and simply taking your indoor workout outside are great options, it can also be fun to get active through playing and engaging the entire family. These family fitness activities will keep the whole family active and healthy throughout the summer.

Tag: Who doesn’t love a fun game of tag? Running around a park or your backyard is an excellent way to turn working out into a family-friendly activity. It also encourages good sportsmanship as everyone gets a turn.


Family baseball game: Baseball is a game that people of various ages (and skill levels) can enjoy. Engaging your entire family in a friendly game is fun and will help keep you in shape for summer. If you don’t have enough people for teams, alter the game a bit by using home base and just one other base so only one person will be on base at a time. If your children are younger, move the bases closer together! Basketball is another family-friendly game that can be enjoyed by all and keep you active.

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Follow The Leader: This activity is geared more towards families with younger children, although if older children are interested, that is great as well! Try visiting a new park or beach and exploring it by weaving, crawling, jumping, and any other movements that get you moving around. Let the kids have a turn leading and see what fun ideas they think of and develop.

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Hiking: Hiking is a great exercise and there are some wonderful family-friendly trails to explore during the summer months. Be sure to pack a picnic and enjoy finding new trees and flowers, and maybe even see some new critters. You can make it a day date!


Obstacle course: While running an obstacle course with your children may not be at the same level physically as a Tough Mudder, it can still get your heart rate up and work your muscles! Visit a nearby park and make a course jumping, weaving, climbing, and crawling through the equipment or make your own course at home using household items.

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Finding ways to take fitness outdoors is fun and easy. Engaging the whole family in fitness in a way that is exciting to them encourages smarter, healthier decisions and creates a fit family! Taking fitness outside for the summer months will not only allow for more time as a family but also provide a great example of how exercising can be fun.