This September, we are asking moms to commit to running or walking a mile each day during the month. By the end of the month, we want moms to be able to say they’ve completed a marathon. Read more about the challenge here

For those of us who walk for our exercise, it can get a little boring and repetitive. I am here to tell you how to put some spring in your step and liven up your workout routine.

1. Rock a Killer Playlist. It may be as simple as your tunes. Listening to upbeat music with a fast tempo will definitely get your feet moving and your heart racing. Check out to get the best tunes that not only work as an excellent motivational tool, but also can even help improve your lung function!


2. Switch Up Your Terrain. Are you in a walking rut? Throw in some hills! 3 Fat Chicks tells us that adding hills to your regimen scorches those trouble muscle groups and throws in some killer cardio. What goes up must come down, so take advantage of the relaxation that comes with walking downhill, which is said to lower blood sugar levels!


3. Add An Obstacle…or Two. If you have a set length of your walk, pick a few evenly spaced out checkpoints and stop to do ten lunges on each leg. At the next checkpoint, do 25 jumping jacks. Adding these few extra exercises can kick up your heartbeat, which keeps those calories burning! Plus, it’s a little strength training too.


4. Bring A Buddy! Walking with a companion makes a world of difference. Having a buddy along is a great source of positive reinforcement and motivation. Take this opportunity to vent your frustrations for the day. Being a woman is sometimes difficult and nobody understands that more than another woman does. Think of it as free therapy! Plus, your walking buddy will help you keep up a consistent, effective pace.


5. Walk Backwards. For those of us who walk the same route, changing it up is necessary to keep the muscles changing. Try walking your route in reverse. This changes your elevation and your speed. The unfamiliar can also force you to be more aware of your surroundings (potholes, cracks, etc.).  This focus will clear your mind, allowing it to be more in tune with your body.


When exercising outdoors, remember to prepare for the elements. Always protect your skin with sunblock and be sure to protect your body with good shoes and water to ward off dehydration. It is important to keep our bodies strong and keep them moving. Try the tips above to get the most of your walking workout!

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