It is embarrassing to admit, but this has been a typical Christmas holiday season around these parts:

  • I stress out from worrying about whether or not I have time to get a Christmas photo/card picked out and sent, not to mention that the toy that the little Bobo must have is sold out.
  • Oh no, I didn’t record the Dora Christmas special! Is it going to be on again?
  • What’s that smell? I forgot to take the cookies out of the oven!
  • They want how many salads for the holiday potluck?
  • Does this wreath look droopy?
  • Where did all of this glitter on the rug come from?
  • But wait, what about making orange clove balls, reindeer hand prints, and jars of cookie mix for the neighbors?
  • Did I volunteer to make cookies for the meeting?
  • Really? How are we going to be at three Christmas parties at once?
  • Does plum pudding have actual plums in it?
  • Finally — WWDD? (What Would Dickens Do?)

Yes, it gets chaotically unorganized, and because of my people-pleasing personality and idyllic aspirations of a Norman Rockwell holiday experience, I wa-a-a-a-a-ay overextend myself. The eminent feelings of guilt and exhaustion are enough to make me want to run screaming down the street. Or at least take a long winter’s nap.

Are you also guilty of overextending yourself during the Christmas holiday? Here is the breath of fresh air that you have been waiting for: Karen Ehman’s From Chaos to Calm: The Let. It. Go. Christmas Challenge. Everyday for the next five days, Ehman will deliver fabulous well-timed advice and reflections for the upcoming season right to your inbox. Will you take the challenge with me to slow down and enjoy the season? No more overextending and no more stress! We will remember the reason for the season and enjoy ourselves!

Someday, I do vow to be organized enough to get Christmas cards done. Until then, what’s wrong with a “Happy Arbor Day!” card? Boom—totally unexpected. Plans this year include lots of coloring, drinking of hot chocolate, and watching Christmas specials galore!