Spring is here! The flowers are in bloom, the trees are green and lush, the birds fill the air with cheery chirps, and everyone is finally free from the spell of grumpiness that the winter wind blew. Breathe in the cool, but not freezing air, and become instantly invigorated by the warm sunlight kissing your skin. Springtime is the perfect season to be outdoors. It also is a great time to start a fitness regimen. If you have kids or can’t afford to hit the gym, then get into your sneakers and walk out of the door. You will be amazed just how many calories you can burn with these creative spring-time activities:

Gardening: burns 150 to 200 calories in 30 minutes

Get your gardening tools out and give your plants some tender loving care. From reaching, squatting, and getting on your hands and knees in the dirt, you’ll feel the burn. Whether you’re pulling out weeds, pruning your shrubs, or planting seedlings, you are bound to lose 200 calories in half an hour, and more if you go beyond this time. You can also prepare your veggie patch – summer is usually harvest time for a lot of garden vegetables.

Fun for kids: All little tots won’t be into the gardening, so allow them to be little scientists by measuring trees, checking out garden bugs, or looking at discovering the different looks and textures of leaves and petals. And, you’ll be burning extra calories by helping them out.

Mowing your lawn: burns 125 to 200 calories in half an hour

Time to clean up your lawn! Using a powered lawn mower can get you to lose 125 calories, but if you use a manual lawn mower and push, you can lose 150-200 in just 30 minutes!

Outdoor sports: anywhere from 125 to 450 calories in 30 minutes

Play some hoops for just half an hour and lose 258 calories. Lose half this amount when you play basketball, dance or go cycling. Jogging is the best calorie-killer in this category – 30 minutes for running can rid you of 300 to 450 calories! Spring time is the perfect time to learn a new self-defense art, such as Judo. This can take 363 calories from your stubborn love handles.

Walking: burns 60 to 240 calories in 30 minutes

You can walk around in your garden at a speed of 1 to 2 meters per hour, and you can burn 60 to 75 calories in 30 minutes. Stroll around the neighborhood and say hi to acquaintances at 3mph for the same amount of time, and burn 150 calories. Visit your local park and brisk walk (3.5 mph) for 30 minutes to burn 180, and join your park’s jogger trail by walking fast at 4.5mph to get rid of 200-240 minutes. Get creative – burn calories when walking to the grocery, or when walking your dog, or taking your baby out in a stroller. You lose more calories when you’re doing something else while walking.

Horseback Riding: burns 255 calories in 30 minutes

Awaken the equestrienne in you and giddy-up to a sexier figure. 30 minutes on a moving horse can rid you of 255 calories, and more of course, if you stay on longer. Just remember your safety gear.

Camping: 114 to 378 calories in 30 minutes

Camping is a great outdoor activity during spring. You can become one with nature and experience the change around you as wildlife and plant life awake from their winter slumber. When you go camping with the family, you can lose as much as 240 calories just from walking and 270 calories when you hike or mountain climb. You can go fishing to lose 114 calories, and keep up the water fun with rowing, stealing 378 calories.