I love this time of year — the longer days and warmer weather — and like any mom I’m desperate for more time to fit everything in. Typically the first thing to slide is my workout, but with the added sunlight after work it becomes easier to fit them in. Since I get bored easily, I’ve come up with a list of great possible workouts that can be done in the added sunlight and will keep your routine fresh.

Run! I love running, but it is always so difficult to find the motivation and time to do it in the cold winter weather of Western NY. But as soon as that extra hour of daylight hits, I hit the pavement after work.


Join a local sports team. There are so many different intramural sports nowadays that it has become very easy to find something you enjoy. Most of the ones in my area take place after work, so it gives you the opportunity to join and get a workout in, while the sun is still shining.


Take your kids to the park and spend some extra time with them. My son is only 10 months old right now, so if he and I go to the park I can’t chase him around, but if you have older kids, take them out to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Let them run around and be silly, but join them. Let loose and enjoy the warmth of summer.


Swim! If you have a pool or know someone who does, use that extra sun at the end of the day for a couple laps in the pool and cool off at the same time.


How are you going to spend your extra hours of daylight?