Snacking is the ultimate curse of the dieting community. You can undo a week’s worth of healthy eating by snacking too much. Research shows that children who grow up with bad eating habits may never develop healthy habits and the long term effects may be detrimental. Having a couple 100-300 calorie snacks a day will help you keep your energy level up and your hunger level down in between meals. Bad habits are made to be broken, so do you and your family a favor by adopting these healthy snacking tips!
Stop mindless eating! We all know it’s bad to eat in front of the TV or computer because you aren’t fully conscious of what is going in your mouth, but we also all know that we all do it. So, before you sit down in front of the TV or computer, measure out a single serving of your favorite snack. Don’t just eat out of the box or bag because you’ll end up eating two or three times more than a single serving!
To be a smart snacker, you must be a smart shopper. If you buy foods like potato chips, cookies, or ice cream, you know you won’t be able to resist the temptation. When at the grocery store, only buy healthy snacks like hummus, granola, yogurt, fruit, or cucumber slices. That way whenever you reach for a snack, you know it’s healthy! Need some more healthy snack options, check out Slim Down w/ 30 Days Of Healthy Snacks!
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Brush your teeth! This helps nighttime snack cravings because who likes to eat something right after brushing their teeth? If this still doesn’t work and your belly won’t stop growling, reach for string cheese or a piece of fruit to hold you over until the morning.

Treat yourself in moderation. You don’t have to give up your favorite guilty snacks completely, just be smart about it! If you eat your favorite dessert or treat every once in a while, it will keep you from binge eating it later.
Make snacks in advance. This can help put an end to those last minute trips to fast food restaurants when you’re in a hurry or need something quick on the go. Store some healthy snacks, like granola bars or fruit strips in your purse, glove box, or office drawer so when you or your child’s tummy starts rumbling you’ll be prepared!
Have fun and engage children in the preparation. Fruit kebabs, ants on a log, and pretzel necklaces are just a few ideas of fun snacks that kids will enjoy making just as much as they enjoy eating them.
Be a good role model! If your kids don’t see you indulging in unhealthy foods all the time, then they will be less inclined! It’s that simple and is beneficial to everyone.