Want to really feel like the queen of your castle? Invest in Swiss Diamond Cookware— the name isn’t just for show. These pots, pans and skillets have real diamonds in the base combined with a nano composite used for non-stick cooking. Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. They are a chef’s secret tool as well:

  • Diamonds are durable – As the hardest material known to man, diamonds give the coating additional strength and resilience.
  • Diamonds are a better heat conductor than metal – Four times more conductive than copper, diamonds create even heat distribution across the pan’s surface. Diamonds also allow the pan to brown food like stainless steel, creating a “fond” that can be used for gravy – or easily washed away with warm soapy water.
  • Diamonds are naturally nonstick – One of the most valuable properties of diamonds in a nonstick coating is that very little sticks to them. Coupled with their durablity, this creates a lifetime of superior performance.

Swiss Diamond has been called “the Rolls-Royce” of nonstick fry pans by the Wall Street Journal, named best nonstick cookware by the leading U.S. consumer ratings organization, and recommended by the Cooking Club of America. It is recommended for vegan and vegetarian cooking by the American Vegetarian Association and has won numerous international awards.

So, is it worth all the hype? YES. There’s no need to lather the pan with oil–in fact this will damage the nonstick surface! You can use butter and butter substitute to make a healthier homecooked meal. I’m guilty of pre-heating my pans with oil and completely burning the bottom.

Another convenience I appreciated was how easy the cookware was to clean. A brief wash with some warm water and soap, and it was good as new.

Grab your Swiss Diamond skillet and try one of Chef Kendra Peterson’s, owner of Chicago-based Drizzle Kitchen, exclusive recipes for Swiss Diamond. We loved the Whole Grain Gluten-Free Crepes with Orange Flecked Strawberries! Click here for the full recipe.

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