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For better or for worse, wedding season has officially arrived. Between bachelorette parties, engagement picnics, bridal luncheons and the weddings themselves, celebrating your loved ones means a lot of fun — and a lot of eating! Although so much reveling could wreak havoc on your diet if you aren’t careful, it definitely doesn’t have to. Here are a few ways to minimize the damage to your waistline while still enjoying every moment.

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Think ahead. Begin lightening up your diet a week or so before the event, and go back to healthy eating the day after. There’s no reason that you should gain weight during wedding season as long as you keep a healthy balance all summer long. If you have several weddings, you could even try giving up sweets or alcohol all summer, except for wedding-related events. Balance, balance, balance!

Only splurge when it’s worth it. Enjoy every delicious bite of the tiramisu cake with Kahlua® buttercream that the bride spent weeks deliberating over. But skip the industrial dinner rolls, the cocktail olives, or any part of the meal that you don’t particularly love. “Spend” your party calories on special treats, but don’t view the festivities as an excuse to eat everything in sight.

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Move! After all, it wouldn’t be a wedding without a little “Cha Cha Slide” next to the bride’s great-aunt Ginger. Don’t be afraid to hit the dance floor to burn some extra calories. And if you’re not a fan of public dancing, you could take a short walk around the grounds or play with the kids, depending on the venue. At the very least, stand up and mingle to avoid a post-feast stupor.

Offer to be the DD. Nothing adds useless calories like an open bar. Drive your group home and earn serious friend points, all while avoiding embarrassing personal declarations, a painful hangover, and wine stains on your dry-clean-only dress. Plus, alcohol could easily make you forget your diet and think that an extra piece of cake (or three) is a good idea. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, and sip on alcohol-free punch for a party you will remember and won’t regret.

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Bounce back immediately. Don’t let a celebratory weekend turn into a marathon of overeating. Get back to your regular fitness routine right away, even if it’s hard the day after. Staying on track overall will be much easier if you take off only a day or two. Once you lose the momentum of your healthy lifestyle, taking too long to reestablish your good habits could quickly undo your progress.

Most of all, though, have fun! Refuse to let guilt over food impact your friends’ special day, and don’t be that guest who doesn’t touch her meal (that the happy couple paid for) because you’re counting calories. It’s 100 percent fine to indulge sometimes, as long as you keep an overall healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a strategy for keeping a healthy balance as your friends say, “I do” this summer?