Hi my name is Katie and I am over extended…ok now that is out there…I will proceed.  I am the queen of yes.  Can I do this for the PTA, sure.  Can I chair a function, sure.  Can I help out with room parent stuff, yep, no problem.  Can I live my life with so much stress and so many commitments that I have become mediocre at everything and good at nothing…yep, that is who I have become.

In my quest to become super mom, I have actually become slacker mom.  Yesterday defined my slackerness in a big bad way!  It started as any other day…racing out of the house to drop kid number one at school…ok that was done…now a few errands and drop #2 at school…ok that is done too.  Off to the kettlebell gym (mind you since I have broken my wrist I haven’t been able to go so I was so excited to be back)…kb workout done.  Now, my slackerness comes into play on my way back to pick up son #2 the highway was closed…I called the preschool frantically to tell them that I would be a few minutes late…which made me late to my long overdue haircut and then late to pick up son #1…oh and then it gets better.  Son #1 gets into the car to tell me that I missed my first helper day at his new school…really, are you freaking kidding me?!?  I look at my planner and don’t see the days written down. I look in the 1000’s of papers that I have saved and I don’t see anything with days written down…how in the heck was I supposed to know that I worked at school.  I call my husband from the attic sobbing that I have screwed up and he must have taken the paper with the dates, he hadn’t…now he is upset I blamed him…and the beat of the day goes on.  Oh crap!  So, I kindly emailed the teacher, the entire time apologizing profusely for my absence and the entire time thinking while I was at my trainer, I was supposed to be copying/collating and helping in the classroom.  Slacker mom defined…that’s me!  So the teacher emailed back and said no big deal…she was very kind but I am betting I have a little mark by my volunteer days and sent me the days via email not by very tiny slip of paper (the first way they came home).  I then realized my house hasn’t been cleaned for weeks and I invited the football team over for a get together soon, I haven’t done a skinny mom blog and then this morning/afternoon I realized I had royally screwed up and didn’t post the daily workout.  I threw my hands in the air with defeat.

But what did I learn?  I learned it’s ok to say no.  After my commitments on the preschool board, I am going to be done.  I will only volunteer on one committee and I will have time to clean my house.  Oh and best of all, my kids won’t know…why not…because I was volunteering at school so that I could spend time with them but I was also volunteering so that I wouldn’t get the scarlet letter from the other moms.  The honest truth is I am not a stay at home mom…I WORK.  I teach fitness, I do home health physical therapy, I try to provide skinny mom with some useable content and  most importantly I am a MOM with mom-type responsibilities.  If I keep saying yes, I will do everything at medicre speed and nothing well…and that isn’t fair to those who I commit to…so as of yesterday the answer is NO.  I’m sorry it is and when I clear my plate I may say yes again but it’s on my own accord.  I will continue to scale buildings and save the world…but it will because my kids ask me too not because I feel like I have to make the other moms think I am super.  In the end being a mom is about your kids…since school has started I have kind of forgotten that part.

It’s ok to fall somewhere between super mom and slacker mom…actually it’s probably best…most super mom’s aren’t so super at something…they just won’t tell you about that part!