I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike. I was more of a coast downhill, wind in my hair gal. I only rode for pleasure or to get somewhere before I had a driver’s license.  My hubby rides for pleasure and exercise. He takes “real” rides- 30-40 miles each pop.  I’ve been averaging 5 miles a pop mainly because I am not conditioned to ride for hours and because I do not have the time to take long rides. Busy moms everywhere know how hard it is to find the time for fitness or anything for themselves.  This busy mom rarely has time to do things for herself. I am usually doing things for my kids, daycare kids, and husband.

I have decided to make the time to ride for exercise (& pleasure).  Three times a week I will ride my bike at 5:30 a.m. I only have time to ride for thirty minutes because I need to get hubby up at 6:15 a.m.  He is one of those heavy sleepers, so I like to make coffee and bring it up to him. I wasn’t sure if I’d like to ride alone so early in the morning, but I admit I look forward to that thirty minutes of quiet. Thirty minutes to think without interruption.  Thirty minutes of fresh air. Thirty minutes with just me.

The best part is the sunrise each morning.  I’ve witnessed some colorful sunrises lately. I’ve also made some friends with baby bunnies that sit on the path. I swear I ride past the same bunnies every day. This morning I counted 13 white cranes in a nearby lake.  That is something I do not normally see in my neighborhood. I also ride past some of the same joggers each day.  There is an older couple that both jog in black shorts, black tank tops and tennis sun visors.  They seem happy and are friendly when we cross paths.  I rode past a heavier 30-something woman who was struggling to get through her run.  She took a few breaks but kept going! I thought in my head, “Keep fighting!”.  It is worth it! I know it is worth my time to take that short ride in the early morning hours.