Summer is the time of year when our motivation should be kicking into overdrive! Bikini season, vacations, and summer clothes should push us away from our guilty foods and towards the nearest gym! However, sometimes summer has a way of putting our mind, body, and drive on vacation. If you’re finding your motivation has taken a hiatus, get your booty into gear for summer with these solutions for your fitness problems! (photo credit here)


Problem: Kids are on summer break from school
Solution: Summer vacation is a GREAT time for for bonding time with kids, but don’t let their vacation detract from your fitness! Instead, find some physically demanding outdoor activities that will get you both moving! Go on a hike at a local park, play a game of kickball or soccer, or take an evening walk! (photo credit here)

Portrait of a Family Sitting on the Beach

Problem: Burn-out
Solution: With the change of season, you may want a change in your workout routine, which is great! Trying new things is a positive thing! If you’re feeling like your fitness schedule is getting laborious or too repetitive, try finding something new and exciting to do during the summer! Find a hiking trail close by, or get a group of friends to meet a couple times a week for a class! There are a ton of options the warm weather of summer brings that will allow you to switch up your workouts!

Problem: Nice weather putting you in a summer laze
Solution: Summer weather makes you want to kick back by the pool while enjoying a great book and a mojito… But letting the nice weather hinder your workouts is not going to help you reach your fitness goals! Use the great weather as an opportunity to move your routine outside! (photo credit here)


Problem: The “Vacation Mindset”
Solution: The truth is that a fit and healthy lifestyle doesn’t take vacation time! Summer break is a great time to relax and have fun, but it doesn’t mean you should throw your fitness out of the car window. Keep up with your routine and even find modifications that go along with your summer schedule. (photo credit here)

family bike ride

Problem: Feeling the heat
Solution: With the kids on summer vacation, and your busy schedule, it’s not surprising that summer may be wearing you down! Even SuperMom needs sleep! Make sure you’re not letting your busy schedule get the best of your health! Try to get the right amount of sleep each night so that your days aren’t wasted feeling groggy and overworked! That doesn’t do you, your family, or your workouts any good!

Problem: Summer activities pulling you away
Solution: Vacations, summer activities for kids and cookouts are only a few of the many activities that you may be involved with this summer. The important thing is to try to fit in some physical activity somewhere in your busy day, as difficult as that may be! Being a busy mom is a challenging job, but at the end of the day, finding time for YOU and YOUR goals should still be a priority! (photo credit here)

Family at park having a picnic and laughing