Now that I’m past my twenties, swimsuit shopping is so frustrating. What used to look good just doesn’t anymore and what’s supposed to be “age appropriate” makes it seem so apparent that I’m “trying to stay covered up.”

Is anyone else in this weird swimsuit rut? I find myself daydreaming about swimwear for women that accentuates the body, instead of trying to hide it. I’m all for coverage, but where are the fun prints and designs?!

After weeks of trying to squeeze into trendy bathing suits and trying to jazz up “women’s” swimwear, I had almost given up. If only my fitness gear was appropriate for the pool…. If you have that same thought, you have to check out Albion. They are an amazing clothing company that specializes in BOTH fitness apparel and swimsuits for women. All their clothes and suits are designed by women for women.


Personally, I’m thrilled that the one piece swimsuit has made a comeback for all ages and body types. Albion’s Jaw Dropper, Black and Emerald Green is an adorable example. (Click to buy!) It provides great coverage, but also reveals just enough with the sweatheart neckline. What really sold me was the emerald green sash. This suit is so comfortable AND it holds in your tummy without feeling like a corset. BONUS: As I was lifting Easton up, I didn’t have to worry about any “malfunctions.” The Jaw Dropper is supportive all the way around. Speaking of all the way around, the back of this suit is just as eye catching as the front: green criss-crossed straps.

While I left my hair down for these pictures, I’m rocking it next time with just mascara, red nails and a braided side bun.

If you are looking for something just as stylish, but in a solid color, you should check out the Albion Icon Swimsuit. It is another of my favorites from their line this year! The ruching on the Icon Swimsuit is so slimming and even though it’s a one-shoulder suit, I felt very supported up top. I would go full vintage with this look: a red lip and a soft, loose updo. (Click to buy!)

For the prices of these suits ($108 and $112 respectively), I couldn’t ask for more. How many times have you bought a cheap swimsuit and had the strap snap or the elastic wear out after a few uses? Albion swimsuits fit true to size and I feel like an absolute star in them.


To check out more Albion swimwear, click here. For their workout apparel, check out their site here.