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Week six of Summer of Awesome has finally arrived! For these amazing prize-packs (valued at over $500 each), we have rounded up products from some of our favorite brands, and we are so excited to share them with you. Each week, new brands and products will be featured, and you will be able to enter to win them! This week’s package is filled with fabulous beauty and fashion goodies that will add a little more awesome to your life! Don’t forget to share the opportunity with your friends! ENTER TO WIN TODAY!

Performance Capri: These bright and super flattering capris definitely need to be added to your wardrobe. Splits59 has really hit the mark with their performance capri that hugs your lower body in all of the right places. With breathable fabric, these hot red capris tighten and tuck that booty in perfectly for your next workout. To get your own pair today, check out their website here. Or enter below to win them for FREE!


Dream Body Cardio Series DVDs: It’s time to whip that booty into shape, and with this prize pack there are no excuses! Shock your system with this body changing combination of resistance strength training, interval and circuit training, toning, barre disciplines, power yoga, cardio kickboxing, calisthenics, pilates and more.  Enter to win yours below, or click here to see what all the Dream Body Cardio Series has to offer.

Crossrope Jump Rope Set: Jack up your jump rope routine with the Crossrope 2.0 set we’re giving away! The set gives you all of the advantages of jumping rope for cardio, speed, weight loss, endurance and power. Get the results you want by switching up the weighted ropes and get moving! Whether you’re jumping rope to lose weight, perfect your muscle tone or just pump up your endurance, you can do it all with the Crossrope Complete Jump Rope Set 2.0!  To order yours today, click here or enter below.

Goodmarvin Yoga Mat: Find your zen in style with one of these super cute yoga bags from Goodmarvin. Your mat easily fits in the peacock printed bag, and it’s super easy to wash and carry to your class. For more Goodmarvin products, check them out here, or Enter to win yours today on our site.


Fitness Journal: It’s time to track your progress with this adorable fitness training journal from Believe I am. By recording your goals and planning the next steps for success, you can stay motivated and inspired! Check out their fabulous products here, and enter to win yours below!

Fashion Tank: This tank from Whitney’s Online Wardrobe is a great summer tank for everything from running errands with the kids, to hitting up the gym for your kickboxing class. Perfect for a fashionista, this top will add some color and fun to your daily routine. Click here to do some online shopping, and enter to win your tank below!

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Owl Be Sweatin’ Headbands: These fabulous and fashionable headbands are the great for keeping those flyaway hairs back. Not only are they great for working up a sweat at the gym, but they’re also great to wear for a night out with your friends. With so many colors and styles, Owl Be Sweatin’ has the perfect fit for both your head and outfits! Check them out here online or enter to win yours today!


FLYUP Sliding Device: Finding time to visit the gym isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get an amazing workout at home! The FLYUP Fitness Slider just might be the most portable and versatile piece of equipment ever for your home gym. It is light enough to take anywhere, and can be used in over 100 different exercises that require body-weight resistance to burn fat and build muscle. Enter to win a FLYUP Slider of your own, or order online by clicking here.

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So get your awesome on this summer! With prizes this amazing, summer just can’t get any better!

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