Week five of Summer of Awesome has finally arrived! For these amazing prize-packs (valued at over $500 each), we have rounded up products from some of our favorite brands, and we are so excited to share them with you. Each week, new brands and products will be featured, and you will be able to enter to win them! This week’s package is filled with fabulous kitchen goodies and delicious snacks that will add a little more awesome to your house and make cooking that much easier to manage! Don’t forget to share the opportunity with your friends! ENTER TO WIN TODAY!

6 Pack Camille Tote: Eating healthy on the go can be difficult, but this tote will change your life! It comes with 4 snap lid containers, 2 small gel packs, and 1 sports nutrition compact, plus all the room to store them! This tote is both stylish and functional, so enter to win below or click here to order one for yourself!


Smári Yogurt: Give your taste buds a treat with this delicious yogurt! If you’re looking to pack in some protein, Smári yogurt has more protein per serving than any other yogurt in the U.S.  Coming in delicious flavors like vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry, one taste of this yogurt and it will definitely be come part of your morning routine!  Check out where they’re available here, and enter to win your very own package delivered right to your door!

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.55.09 AM

Aquazinger: Give your water a kick with this fruit-infused water bottle. The Aquazinger gives you a new way to enjoy drinking water and reduce your food cravings! From cucumber to lemon and lime, your Aquazinger can infuse all of those delicious flavors. The bottle is also super easy to use. Just unscrew the bottom, throw in your desired fruit and let the bottle do the rest! Check out this fabulous product here on their site.


Vintage Italia Pasta Chips: There are so many delicious pasta recipes out there, and now there are pasta chips! This tasty little snack comes in 5 flavors, all inspired by the many tastes of Italy. If you’re looking for Italian flavor on-the-go, look no further. Dig into a bag of Alfredo, Sea Salt, Marinara, Spicy Tomato Herb, or Garlic Olive Oil pasta chips and enjoy! Enter to win below or click here to buy a bag (or two, or five) of your own.


Tervis Tumbler: This tumbler is the perfect cup to take to the beach, pool, or park. The Tervis Tumbler is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, not to mention it comes with a gripping lid with a closable mouthpiece. Check out their website here, and enter to win your very own Tervis Tumbler!

tervis tumbler

Photo Credit: Tervis

Cosmos Creations Popcorn: This ain’t you’re average popcorn, so buckle up for a flavorful ride. This snack is gluten free, made with non-GMO corn, and comes in unique flavors such as Coconut Crunch, Aged Cheddar + Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt + Butter, and Salted Caramel. Enter to win below, or click here to buy Cosmos Creations popcorn. While you wait for your Cosmos Creations to be delivered, try these 6 healthy popcorn toppings.