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Week FIVE of Summer of Awesome has finally arrived! For these amazing prize packs (valued at over $500 each), we have rounded up products from some of our favorite brands, and we are so excited to share them with you. Each week you can enter to win featured new brands and products. This week’s package is filled with fabulous FITNESS products that will add a little more awesome to your summer! Don’t forget to share this amazing opportunity with your friends! ENTER TO WIN TODAY!

Onzie Activewear: Use a $75 dollar gift card to Onzie Activewear to spice up your workout gear this summer! Utilizing Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable and breathable, this fast-drying material keeps bodies cool, dry and comfortable. Onzie yoga gear is perfect for hot yoga, but can also be used for pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, running or hooping. Their clothes can be worn as everyday wear or even in chlorine and salt water environments! You can transition in and out of yoga postures as seamlessly as you can the rest of your day! Shop the hottest trends on Onzie now!

Sumemer of Awesome Onzie

PERSU The Jessica Bag: Looking for the perfect gym bag that can transform into your daily handbag?! PERSU has the perfect bag for you!  The Jessica bag is definition of a sleek city dweller. And, the hidden functions of the Jessica keeps your busy life organized and clean! This bag is perfect for the mamas on the go — hit the gym and then pick up the kids from soccer practice and have everything you need with you in one spot! Shop their collection here.

Summer of Awesome PERSU

Polar A300 Fitness Watch: Keep track of your daily fitness with this super trendy fitness watch! It helps you stay motivated with tips to reach your daily goal. This watch shows steps, distance and burned calories. This perfect summer fitness accessory vibrates when you’ve been sitting still too long to get you up and moving!  Check it out here and enter to win yours below!

polar vortex A300

Photo Credit: Polar

Zobi: Change the SHAPE of your workout with Zobi! This scientifically proven, more effective, total body tool is fun and invigorating, providing a new way to condition muscles, burn calories, and work your core. With a better, more ergonomic shape that is easier to grip, this seven-pound weighted Zobi is perfect for both cardio and strength workouts! Combined with a 300 calorie-burning 30-minute workout (you can choose from five different workouts) makes it impossible to replicate! Take your summer workout to the next level with Zobi!

Empower Fitness Zobi

Photo Credit: Empower Fitness

ActivMotion Bar: The disruptive nature of the internal rolling weights makes the ActivMotion Bar different than any other product on the market. It strengthens your core and challenges your balance and stability with every movement, and it generates momentum that pulls you in the direction the bar is moving. It’s a difference you can feel and hear the moment you pick up the bar. Whether you’re a beginner, pro athlete or anything in between, the ActivMotion Bar and our unique, professionally developed Disruptive Training™ will significantly improve your level of fitness. Get more details here!

Photo Credit: Golf Digest

Photo Credit: Golf Digest


Perfect Fitness Ab-Carver Pro: Get those arms and tummy toned for the summer with the Ab-Carver Pro! The kinetic “engine” uses a carbon steel spring to turbocharge your abdominal and arm workouts. It provides resistance as you roll out and assistance when you roll back. This will take your workouts to a whole new level! Get more details on the Ab Carver Pro here.

Summer of Awesome Ab Carver Pro

Flipbelt: Keep your phone, keys, ID and money with you on your run with FlipBelt! This fabulous elastic belt comes in plenty of fabulous colors and sizes to match your workout outfit and stay where you want it. Check them out here or enter below for your chance to win!


Photo Credit: Amazon

Yuve™ Nutritional Shake: Designed for health-conscious, active people, Yuve boosts energy and improves overall health for people in a fast-paced environment. Packed with healthy nutrients, Yuve substitutes a regular meal or snack and perfectly fits a vegan diet. Yuve comes in a plant-based powder and represents a mix of vitamins, minerals, fiber, digestive enzymes, antioxidants and anti-aging agents. It’s high in protein, and low in fats and sugars. Try this delicious mix with water, milk or even coconut water. Check out more amazing benefits of Yuve here!

Summer of Awesome Yuve

MELT Method Package: The summer heat will have you melting, so add the MELT Method to your workout plan! Use these tools for 10 minutes at least three days a week and watch the signs of aging disappear. This package includes the MELT Method book, soft body roller, hand and foot treatment kit, hand and foot treatment DVD and MELT Method DVD. Check the MELT Method out here and enter below to win!

Melt Method

Photo Credit: Melt

Believe I Am Training Journal: A personal diary combined with a fitness workbook, this training journal helps you improve your mind, spirit and body! Keep yourself motivated by seeing what works and what doesn’t with this awesome training journal. Enter to win yours today or order one online here.

Believe Training Journal

Photo Credit: Believe I Am

Handana: Gone are the days of ugly sweatbands or bandanas; just slip on a Handana and never let sweat slow you down again! This fashionable accessory is made from a Lycra fabric that wicks away sweat, while still leaving your fingers free. Handana allows you to wipe away sweat and get on your way with ease. Enter to win a Handana of your own, or order online by clicking here.


BootyBarre® DVDs: Get toned with Tracey Mallett from Booty Barre®! The Beginners and Beyond DVD combines Pilates, dance and yoga into one amazing workout that will increase your strength and flexibility. In addition, the Bikini Body DVD will lift and tone your booty so you’re ready to rock your bathing suit this summer. Booty Barre classes are popping up all over the world, but you can enjoy all of the benefits without leaving your house! Enter to win below, or click here to order online.


Zing Anything Set: Create delicious lemonades, limeades and orangeades with the Citrus Zinger, which is great for the active, on-the-go, water-drinking mom. Take it to the gym, the pool and around town to quench your thirst this summer! The Salad Zinger in this set is perfect for making healthy homemade dressings. Check out Zing Anything’s products and recipes here and enter to win yours below!

Summer of Awesome Zing Anything

Photo Credit: Zing Anything

BlenderBottle and GoStak: On the go this summer but don’t want to ruin your workout regime? The GoStak jars are designed to be sleek and compact, giving you just enough room for your supplements without invading your gym bag. Heading out of town? Take a handful of jars filled with your post-workout supplements, and you’ve got an instant recovery shake for every day of the week! The GoStak is perfectly paired with a BlenderBottle to keep you on track with your fitness this summer! Check out more details here and ENTER BELOW to win!

Summer of Awesome Blender Bottle and Go Stak

Photo Credit: Alpha Fitness

Merrithew Weighted Exercise Hoop: Feel like a kid again and bring the fun back to your exercise routine with the weighted exercise hoop! At 2.6 pounds, this hoop will help with weight loss while toning your entire core, waist, hips, abs and more. Develop strength, mobility, balance and flexibility with this fun tool, appropriate for all levels of fitness. Enter below to win yours this summer! Check out more products from Merrithew here!

Summer of Awesome Merrithew

STOTT PILATES® Workout Kit: Tone your entire body with the amazing STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning Workout Kit. This comprehensive Pilates workout kit contains everything you need to build strength, boost stamina and improve mobility and coordination! Getting that summer bod has never been easier! Scroll down to win your own kit for FREE, and click here to learn more about STOTT PILATES®.

Summer of Awesome STOTT Pilates

Get your AWESOME on this summer! With prizes this amazing, summer just can’t get any better! Enter below for your chance to win this prize pack valued at over $500! Don’t forget to share this AMAZING opportunity with all your friends!

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