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Week 11 of Summer of Awesome has finally arrived and it is valued at over $600! This week’s package is filled with fabulous goodies that will add a little more awesome to your life! Don’t forget to share the opportunity with your friends! ENTER TO WIN TODAY!

Artifact Campus ToteThe perfect size for your laptop or tablet, this Artifact Campus bag is the perfect accessory. Not only is the bag super stylish, but its durable material can survive all the wear and tear that comes along with being a mom. Functional and stylish — now that’s something we can get behind. Click here to check out Artifact Bags on Etsy, or enter below to win your own!

Artisan Campus Bag

FitHappy Headband: Say hello to your new favorite headband! FitHappy has the cutest, most comfortable headbands on the market and we’re giving one away! This headband is smooth and lightweight, sure to move with you all the way from downward dog to those ten-mile runs. It’s created for endurance, just like you. Enter to win below, or click here to order yours online.

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Whistler Naturals Moisture Renewal/Anti Aging Starter Kit: Whistler Naturals uses only the most natural ingredients to moisturize and protect your skin from age spots and wrinkles. You’ll definitely want to enter to win this amazing starter kit to moisturize, tone and polish your beautiful face! Click here to explore Whistler Naturals’ site or enter below to win your own!

Moisture Kit

Anastasia Evelyn Infinity Scarf: An entire outfit can be transformed by one great accessory, and this is one example! Infinity scarves are perfect for cooler weather (fall will be here before you know it!), but this material is also light enough to be worn in balmier weather. The beautiful neutral pattern will compliment so many outfits, so enter below to win or click here to buy one now.

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Skin Authority Moisturizer Pack: This dynamic duo is the perfect combination for your morning moisturizing routine. The sunscreen moisturizer has SPF 30 protection along with essential vitamins that allows your skin to renew and regenerate to get that perfect summer glow.  The redness relief moisturizer soothes red, irritated skin and is great to use if you’ve had a bit too much sun. Click here to check out their products, or enter to win you set for FREE!

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 Does music help you fall asleep at night, but you feel bad keeping your partner awake while you listen? SleepPhones are the perfect solution. They’re not earbuds, so they won’t hurt your ears when you fall asleep. In fact, with the comfy headband, you’ll barely know that you’re wearing headphones at all! Click here to check them out or enter to win below!
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Nomad SLEEP+SOUND Device: If you’re having trouble sleeping or relaxing and need some peace in your life, this Nomad Sound+Sleep device is the perfect sound machine. The Nomad is portable, and creates high-quality, natural sounds that help your body relax. You can really take this sound machine anywhere from a hotel room to the office, and it’s great to help you relax while hitting your yoga poses. Check out their other amazing sound machine products here today!