Alek at boy scout camp parent’s night

This is the first year that my son went away to summer camp.   He just turned 11, and I figured he was probably old enough to give it a try.  I am not going to lie, there were some serious jitters.  Again, keeping it real, these jitters were not from my son, but me.  I was seriously concerned about him spending that much time away by himself.  Now, I realize, that he wasn’t really alone.  But, when you have the type of adult to kid ratio like they have at most summer camps, I consider that the kids will be on their own.

Will he brush his teeth everyday?  Or at all during the week?

Will he change his underwear on a regular basis?

Will he be able to keep up with his wallet full of spending money?

Will he make it to the scheduled events on time?

Will he have fun? Learn new skills?

Will he meet new friends? Or will he be by himself most of the time?

But most of all, will he miss me as much as I will miss him?

A week away from my son was torture.  We have gone on vacations and left him with grandparents before.  But typically these trips are short and I normally call and talk to him a couple of times during the trip.  Since my son is quite possibly the only 11 year old that doesn’t have a cell phone, talking to him while he was away at camp was not an option.  So I had to spend the whole week wondering and worrying if everything was okay.  Trying to remind myself “that no news is good news” didn’t really help.

Well finally, Friday came and we got to go pick him up and he was just as excited to see us as I was to see him.  I know that he learned so much and had an amazing time at boy scout camp and is already asking about going next year – but I am thinking – can’t they make it a 3 day camp???