Did I get you to follow that with a “honey, honey?” I started singing to myself actually! Cheesy, I know. Let’s go with the obvious, shall we? This is a little blog about sugar. I love sugar. I don’t think there’s anything more enjoyable to me (in a “bad” way) than sugar is. I love carbs. I love sweets. I love sugar in my coffee. Sugar and I have grown very close over the years. And let’s face it, we all know it’s terrible. It contributes to restlessness, sugar crashes, cellulite, obesity, diabetes, cavities, poor skin, poor food choices, some behavioral disorders, etc. Also, I’m not a scientist by any means but I do agree with current health headlines about sugar. I believe that it can be considered a drug and I also believe that it can be destructive to children and adults. Growing up on cookies, pasta, pancakes and candy, I’ve had my fair share of sugar. I’ve also battled my weight late in my teen life and early in my adult life, which I contribute greatly to my love affair with sugar. If it has sugar in it, I love it!

coffee with sugar

Recently I’ve decided to make a commitment to try and go sugar free (minus fruits and Truvia, aka naturally occurring sugar). Of course my eating habits and lifestyle are much different than they were growing up when I struggled with my weight. I eat much healthier, I make better choices and I drink mostly water. So, where does my “addiction” come in then? Coffee is my main problem area. I love sugar in my coffee. I love specialty lattes from Starbucks. And of course, I love the blueberry muffins that “come with it!” So, I made a commitment to start there. I am 11 days in and I haven’t had a single drop of sugar in my coffee! What’s better? I actually enjoy it! I know. I’m shocked too. I believe this is something I can and will stick with.

This brings me to another issue. When I was on my third day of cutting out sugar, I developed the worst headache which lasted 3 days no matter how much water I drank. I believe this is because of a sugar “withdrawal.” No bueno. So if you do decide to try this and make a lifestyle change, know this may happen, but you will get past it. Also, if you do go this route please don’t use artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Equal, Sweet N Low, etc.) instead. Those have been shown to have much worse effects and have been linked to cancer amongst a plethora of other diseases. If you need something sweet, try to stick with a more natural choice such as Stevia or Truvia. You can do your own research on these if you are unsure.

Of course, when I finish my 63-day commitment, I will keep you updated on how well I did, what changed for me and how my body evolved. 52 days left, yikes! Feel free to join me.

“You are my candy girl! And you got me wantin’ you!” Okay, I’ll stop now.

As always, I would love to hear from you!