I am one lucky girl, my good friend is a super creative stylist (I’m sorry did you think I was going to say some crap about family, love, or blessings?  Its like you don’t even know me).  My friend Maureen styles for Rue La La (check it out if you’re unfamiliar with it, you’re welcome and I’m sorry all at the same time) and any time I’m stuck for how to wear something she’s only a text message away.  How do I jazz up my LBD?  How do I wear this scarf?  Can I wear a broach?  How do I wear thigh high boots without looking like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”?  So basically I bother the heck out of her.  Under her tutelage my sense of style has grown, I truly see clothes differently, and I’m much more likely to take a few risks (much to the chagrin of those who have to look at me).  The friendship has benefited me immensely, her not so much.

I’m not completely self-centered (only about three quarters self-centered).  I know many poor unfortunate souls don’t have a friend that’s a professional stylist, they have no one to text before they leave the house to make sure they don’t look like a candidate for “What Not To Wear”, and that makes me sad.  So sad that the one quarter of me that isn’t self-centered wants to help, isn’t that super nice of me?  Do you have some new colored denim and you’re not sure how to wear it?  Or maybe its suede shorts?  Are you bored with a closet staple like your chambray shirt and want a fresh set of eyes to give you some ideas?  Well I’m your gal!  Email me your questions at [email protected] or you can even tweet them to me @HotelFoxtrot.  I’ll do my very best to give at least three looks for every fashion question (including pics), and I’m thinking I’ll even do a grading system for how daring a look is.  Something like slightly adventurous, more daring, Carrie Bradshaw, and Denise Huxtable?

So you go through your closet, grab whatever articles of clothing that have been stumping you and holla at me please!  I may not be a paid stylist, but I promise if I get stumped I’ll ask one…or tell you your dress is fugly and you should burn it immediately, either way you’re going to be better off.