Every woman in the world is born with a different body type. They label us in magazines as apples, boy-shaped, athletic and I was just lucky enough to get the lovely pear shape: sloped shoulders, lanky arms and a generous backside.  But what I’ve learned as I’ve gotten more into fitness is that the quickest way to balance out full hips (outside of shoulder pads and a pair of black skinnies) is to tone up the upper body, particularly the shoulders.

So often, clients come to me and say that they want to trim down their hips, thighs and tush. I tell them that we can do that, but that we also need to tone and even build up their upper halves. That is the recipe for that gorgeous hourglass figure that we all desire.  And, with swimsuit season already upon us in Arizona, who doesn’t want the secret to toning up fast?

I’ve tried so many different workout combinations to tackle this issue and what I have settled on is supersetting. Supersetting is doing a given number of repetitions for one exercise and then following it up immediately with a given number of reps of another exercise. That is one superset. In a triset (as in our shoulder workout), a third exercise is inserted. In this workout, you will do 3-4 super or trisets per muscle group. Super/trisetting a muscle group will overload that particular area and can be highly successful in building and toning up muscles quickly.

Here is a sample workout that will get you a strong, beautiful upper body in no time:

Days 1 & 4, Biceps and Triceps

1)     Dumbbell hammer  curls, 12 reps

2)     Barbell bicep curls, 12 reps

  • Do 3-4 sets

1)     Seated, overhead tricep extensions, 12 reps

2)     Bench dips, 12 reps

  • Do 3-4 sets

Days 2 & 5, Shoulders

1)     Seated dumbbell shoulder press, 12 reps

2)     Forward dumbbell raise, 12 reps

3)     Lateral dumbbell raise. 12 reps

  • Do 3-4 sets

Combine these sets with either a cardio session or a lower body workout and send me some feedback. I can’t wait to hear about or SEE the changes!