pregnant woman practicing yoga stretches at home on the floor

Isn’t working out hard enough already?! Adding that baby weight and those crazy hormones is insane, but it’s the life of a soon-to-be mom. A few months ago, we had celebrity yoga guru, Kristin McGee stop by to provide you with the best yoga poses for each trimester. This time we narrowed in and focused on strength training/toning moves to keep your legs and arms in shape!

However, there are some yoga poses you want to avoid as well. Do not do anything that is twisting the abdominal. So, stay away from poses meant to lengthen the spine. Poses that have you on your belly or jumping should also be avoided. In general, do not over stretch. Women are always at risk of stretching the abdominal wall, which is not good for the baby.

Opposite Arm and Leg Extension: Get in table top position with your hands and knees on the floor. Make sure your back is flat, not dipping or over arching. Raise your right arm, keeping your left centered under your left shoulder. Extend the arm and try to get it to your head level. Next, raise your left leg and extend it. Again, make sure your back isn’t drooping or arched. Keep it even and focus on your breathing and balance. Slowly lower both the arm and the leg down and raise the other opposite limbs. (via Fit PregnancyHere’s more details.


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Half Moon with Chair Support: Grab a chair! Start out in a Triangle Pose. Step out with one of your feet. Your leading foot should point forward and your back foot should be facing the adjacent wall; your feet should be forming a 90 degree angle or be perpendicular of one another. Your hips should be facing the same wall as your back foot.  From Supported Triangle position, slightly bend your right knee, transferring your weight onto your right foot and hand. Keeping your left hip turned out, inhale and reach your left arm overhead as you slowly lift your left leg to hip height [shown], then exhale. Hold for 3 to 5 full breaths. Inhale, then exhale, bending your right knee as you lower your left foot and briefly return to Supported Triangle pose. Stand up, move chair to the other side and repeat Supported Triangle, then Half Moon poses. (via Fit Pregnancy) Here’s more info.


Yoga Squat: Desperate Housewives’ and founder of Yoga4Fertility, Brenda Strong loves doing this pose outdoors with her toes in the grass. Spread your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and begin to squat down. Get low and place your hands in prayer position. Set your elbows against the inside of your knee and push outward. Brenda recommends, “Anchor your tailbone to lengthen your low back.” Make sure your heels are on the floor, if they are not, raise up a little or do this exercise against a wall. (via BabyZoneHere’s more info.


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Supported Bridge Pose: Warning, some suggest that this pose may increase your fertility! But, it’s a great pose nevertheless. Lay on your back with your arms down at your sides, palms facing down. Tuck your feet inward so your knees are now bent–your feet should roughly be about a foot away from your bottom. Slowly lift your booty off the floor, placing most of the weight in the balls of your feet. (via BabyMed) Here’s more info.


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Chair Pose: Keep your feet about shoulder width apart and get into a small squat, keeping your knees behind your toes. Focus on shifting the weight back into your heels nice and slowly until you can see your toenails. Reach your arms up above your head or “towards the heavens.” Turn your palms inward to face each other. Be careful not to overarch your back. There shouldn’t be a “shelf.” (via BabyMedHere’s more info.


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