A few weeks back I blogged about going to a kettlebell class. I promise you, my shoulders are still sore from that class. I loved it and will definitely go back, but it wasn’t totally out of my comfort zone. If you haven’t tried kettlebells yet, this is a great routine. I went to the class with some ladies I knew and it was a great time but I wasn’t a foreigner in a strange land. Not the same story today.

boxing woman

A few months back I saw a news segment about a boxing gym that worked with high school kids. I googled them, because I love a story where youth are being pointed in the correct direction by sports/athletics/physical activity. I saw they had a boxing class in the evenings. I put it on my list, I even went as far as to contact the gentleman who owned it, but I didn’t go. This week I decided it was time to give it a try. My kids have been ridiculously whiney and I was at my wit’s end with them. Because I feel the need to share everthing…Wednesday is usually my husband’s night for boating class (yes, we are the super safe boaters here), so I’m usually on baseball duty. However, I asked kindly if he could do baseball because I was pretty sure that I was at my end with the kiddos, and he lovingly (ok, maybe not) said ok. I asked a few friends if they would be interested, but they were busy with kid stuff (ha ha, my husband will get points for taking duty tonight), so I went alone. If you know me well, ‘alone’ is not something I like to do. I parked in what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse and followed the signs to the door. When I walked in, it wasn’t at all what I expected. I thought we would do some cardio boxing, umm no, we were going to hit the bag. I was super nervous, but loved the gym. It was straight out of Rocky, I could even hear the music in my head. We warmed up, beginners had a briefing regarding foot position and arm position when hitting the bag and then off we went to our stations. I have NEVER been to a class where a trainer/instructor checked in to make sure everything was going well and kindly corrected form as well as the guys running the class did. There were between 30-40 of us spread across the gym and I am pretty sure that every person received some type of personal attention. As a former group fitness instructor, I was very impressed with their ability to help everyone and maintain a class that flowed. It was one of the best workouts I’d had in ages. If you are in Cincinnati, check out the guys at Cincinnati Fitness Boxing, I promise you will not be disappointed.

If you can’t find boxing studios in your area, check out these great boxing DVDs so you can learn on your own!

I am sure that tomorrow, I will be feeling muscles that I have never felt before. But I cannot relate to you in words the great feeling it was to hit the heavy bag. It is a must for every mom with children in the toddler years or kids at all. I left the boxing gym with a HUGE smile and called a friend and said, “I’m going back next week”. It is great to step out of the box once in awhile and today I am so glad that I did. I think I just found a new workout and what a great feeling it is to mix it up. Want to kick your boxing up a level? Why not give Krav Maga a try? Click here to learn more.