Dirty 30 race

About a month ago, I saw a post on Facebook about a mud/obstacle run. On a whim, I signed up without thinking too much about it. This is totally out of character for me. Normally, I would stew over it, ask my hubby, ask my co-workers, stew some more and then procrastinate long enough that I would not sign up. But this time, I just signed up, no questions asked. Immediately after hitting the confirm button, I started to second guess my decision.   My next step was trying to get some other friends to join me in this crazy adventure. Glad that worked, definitely wouldn’t want to do this alone!

Being the planner that I am, I googled the race to find no real information about the specific obstacles. Only that there were 15 of them along the 5k course along with 7 tons of mud. Ok, how in the world do I train for this?

Fast forward about three weeks, one week before race day. I really start to question my rash decision, but I am also starting to get excited!  What am I going to wear? What shoes do I wear? Do I duct tape my shoes on?  Do I need gloves?  What have I gotten myself into?

Well race day came and I woke up with a feeling of relaxation; this is not normal for me when I am embarking on something new and unknown.   I decided just to let go and have fun and what do you know- I did!  It was one of the most fun things I have ever done. My 3 brave friends and I set out on a crazy adventure not knowing what to expect around every corner. Every new obstacle brought laughter and a new found strength in each of us.

I am so glad that I did not let myself get so worked up about the details that I couldn’t enjoy the race. Sometimes as moms, we have to let go and realize that we can’t always be in control of every situation. That is hard for us planners and moms who are used to always trying to be prepared for what is next, but by letting go, we may just learn that sometimes it is fun to be spontaneous and carefree like when we were kids.

Who knew playing in the mud could teach me such a valuable lesson?