We all have our go-to exercise moves. The tried and true are called just that for a reason. However, even the best moves will eventually have little effect on our bodies. We do them so often that our muscles adapt and hit a plateau. Here are a few of your favorite moves taken to a whole new level.

1. Plank: The high plank is already an advanced version of a modified plank, but just how much further can you take it? Lift one leg at a time, lift your left leg and right arm at once, or try a side plank. If a side plank is already in your repertoire, try lifting your top leg and holding it for a one minute interval. (photo credit)


2. Push-Ups: Are push-ups getting you down? Grab a medicine, bosu, or exercise ball to amp up the intensity. These will work all of your arm muscles while targeting the core in a way you never thought possible since you’re engaging the core muscles to balance your body. You’ll even notice your back starting to tone from this all-over workout.


3. Pull-Ups: If you’re all about your arms and shoulders, then pull-ups are most likely an integral part of your routine. Perhaps you have already had to move to maxing out your reps rather than doing sets. Start with an extra five pounds. Tie a rope around a weight and tie the rope around your waist. Keep increasing the amount of weight as you get stronger. (photo credit)


4. Plank-to-Knee Tuck: Do you love the Skinny Mom Plank-to-Knee Tuck? Instead of the tuck, with your thighs still on the ball, try lifting your hips into the air like you would in downward dog and rolling your toes up onto the ball. You’ll get an amazing abs and balance workout–hello, core stabilizers. (photo credit)


5. Lunges: Lunges can be monotonous. Even walking lunges can seem to take you nowhere. Grab five pound dumbbells and try this: step out with your left leg and sink down into a lunge, as you bring yourself back up, lift off into Warrior 3–pictured below–with your right leg strong and straight, parallel to the floor. Hold for a brief moment then swing your right leg through and forward into another lunge, creating a Walking Warrior Lunge move. (photo credit)


The best part about advanced versions is that you can always mix in the original whenever necessary. Try adding one set of the new style in with your normal routine and work your way up from there. You’ll be amazed at how these enhanced movements get you over your plateau!