Ginger has been in use for hundreds of years. It has made its rounds from the tables of kings to the meals of paupers. Although plentiful and easily obtainable today, not all people know the importance of ginger in a healthy diet.


Ginger has long been utilized for simple remedies. In fact, its applications are found in many mild medications to alleviate a host of maladies. If you don’t know how to use it in meals, then you needn’t worry any longer. Ginger can be steeped in boiling water to make a flavorsome ginger tisane.

Here’s why you should start drinking ginger tea right now!

1. Relieve nausea and vomiting: Ginger’s most significant uses are for tackling various types of stomach problems, including morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, gas and diarrhea. It’s great for long rides when taking your child along to deal with the motion sickness.

Although ginger in modest amounts has been widely accepted with helping morning sickness, it is advisable to ask your doctor before using it.

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2. Slow down the aging process: Ginger’s antioxidant content is through the roof! Research has shown varying degrees of the effectiveness of ginger, boosting brain activity and even slowing down the aging process, thus slowing down an early onset of Alzheimer’s.

3. Just relax! Since ginger helps with blood flow, it can have a calming effect that may lead to a feeling of internal warmth and sleepiness. Ginger itself will not put you to sleep, but some may find it helpful just before going to bed.

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4. Stop muscle pain: Albeit helping with the overall increase of your metabolic rate, ginger won’t aid in significant weight loss. But if you’re feeling achy after a long session at the gym, it provides muscular pain relief for a period of time after strenuous workouts.

5. Have fresh breath: Ginger and garlic are from the same family, but have completely different effects on your breath. If you eat some ginger at the end of the meal, it will clean your palate. Ginger tea is perfect for this; it neutralizes bad taste and will leave your mouth refreshed.

If the smell of ginger itself isn’t your cup of tea, you can easily add a lemon or peppermint to mask it. It’s also a good idea to add some honey, apple juice or cinnamon for a milder flavor. Aim to drink it when you feel you’ve had too much to eat, as it helps with the absorption of foods and digestion.

There is no reason why ginger shouldn’t part of your daily diet. With its myriad of health benefits and widespread availability, drinking it more often will increase your health, mood and spice for life.

Olivia Johanson is a mom by day, and a freelance writer by night. She loves natural remedies and sharing them with you. If you have any health, beauty or household problem, and like to create your own solutions, hop over to Olivia’s blog!

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