Winter makes us stir crazy, so naturally spring makes us want to get out and get moving. But, before we can enjoy the outdoors we need to make sure the home is ready for the chaos of spring.

Here are 5 things you can do to spring proof your home:

  1. Clean all your lighting fixtures, indoors and outdoors. If your kiddos are outside playing past the daylight hours, make sure your visibility is optimal–and there’s a clear view of home for them too! Go green with Eco-friendly CFL bulbs instead of the halogen lights.
  2. Conduct an annual screening: Repair your screens. This is a frustrating task, but do it before the bugs come back or your air conditioning bills kick in.
  3. Fix the walkway: Prevent scraped knees and grumpy neighbors by evening out the walkway. It will also make easy passage for your gardening days.
  4. Change your welcome mat: Nothing says you are ready for spring than a fresh new door mat.
  5. Clear the gutters: Home inspectors everywhere will tell you to make sure your gutters are cleaned out. The debris can easily clog and cause greater water damage. Check out Bob Vila’s tips here.
  6. Bring the colors and flowers of spring into your home: Swap out the textiles in your kitchen and living room. Go for the mints, corals, limes, yellows and fuchsias.
  7. Swap out the scents: Trade out your creamy scents for some citrus, lavender or even linen. Bonus: cedar and lavender oils keep the bugs away!
  8. Let go of the “this may come in handy” items: We have seen enough episodes of Hoarders to know that clutter is one slippery slope.
  9. Freshen up your linens: In Country Living‘s article about spring cleaning, author of Organizing Plain & Simple Donna Smallin, explained that “body oils are what attract moths and insects.” Click here to read the whole article.
  10. Do a perimeter check for caulking, paint and planting around the a/c unit: Certified home inspector and owner of Residential Equity Management Home Inspections Reggie Marston and home improvement expert at Service Magic David Lupberger provided Welsh.com great tips for self inspection. “Check that there are no bushes or plantings within a foot of the air conditioning unit, and make sure there aren’t any animal nests inside the unit, Marston said. Check the dirt grading around the foundation. The dirt should slope away from the foundation at least 6 inches in the first 10 feet. “This is an easy eyeball inspection. If water pools at the base of a wall, you don’t have adequate drainage. Proper grading always sheds water away from the foundation of the house to prevent damage from moisture,” said Lupberger, which is a free service that helps homeowners find pre-screened home service professionals, such as contractors, electricians and plumbers.

What spring cleaning tradition do you have to spring proof your home?