Tis’ the season of organizing, throwing out and letting go. Easier said than done, am I right? Well with the help of organization blogs, experts and of course the all mighty Pinterst, we have the easiest DIYs for you to accomplish all your de-clutter desires. With these easy tips and tutorials, you will have your closet spring ready in no time!

  • Color Coordinate by Style: Yes, this sounds daunting, but trust me it will help you in ANY situation. Weather is a little wacky around spring, so separate your tanks, cardigans and light sweaters. Then arrange those by color.
  • Shape Up Your Shoes: Every celebrity seems to use this organization system: cubbies and labeled boxes. Check out these options from Ikea. They are super quick and cheap.
  • Don’t Overstack: Better Homes and Gardens suggests staying under 6″ stacks for easy accessibility.
  • Separate your underwear, bras and socks in a small crate drawer.
  • If you have a busy week plan your outfits or pin inspiration: Organizing expert, Jen, of IHeartOrganizing used this tactic and found it extremely successful. She simply made cork boards, tacked them up on her wardrobe door and pinned her favorite outfits from Polyvore (check out Skinny Mom’s Polyvore!). They instantly gave her ideas for the age old question, “what to wear?”
  • Paint an accent wall: According to TLC, painting the back wall not only gave them interest, but also depth.
  • Re-purpose old baskets: pesky accessories like purses and handbags can be neatly contained in a basket. Pick a great color, buy some spray paint and breathe some new life into that old wicker basket.
  • Replace old light bulbs: We all know that lighting effects color, makeup application and overall styling. The wrong light can completely throw off your outfit. You walk out in a pea green top that ends up being a muddy brown. Many online forums suggest using low voltage halogen light bulbs for a true reflection of color. suggests CFL lighting. Although not as bright, you can add solar tubes to the closet to help bounce the light off. Plus, there may be energy efficient tax incentives for you! Read more here.