So, in the great area of Cincinnati it has gone from winter to summer in record time and we have NOT had a spring.  It is hot and it is HUMID and the only reason I am doing my cardio outside is so my kiddos won’t be stuck inside in the gym daycare very long.  But my oh my is it humid, sticky, jungle like…eeewwww!

So, I ask you skinny mamas; what is your go-to article(s) of clothing to keep you cool when you are outside on the hot summer days?  I hate to show my legs, they are not good looking and well I have thunder thighs.  So, I like to keep them underwraps with capris…but 88 degrees with 90% or more humidity makes for a sweaty awful mess and well I am giving up and moving to a cooler option.  This weekend is 89 degree heat with like 100% humidity (felt like the jungle); I ran in a bibbity skirt and an under armour tank.  It worked well, but I was chafed in all the wrong places from my sports bra and heart rate monitor. Lesson here…don’t forget the body glide in places where rub will occur.  Don’t have body glide; get vasoline, works just a well.  The skirts light fabric seemed to wick the moisture away and it honestly felt like I was working out with little to nothing on (ok, sorry for the terrible visual)!

The moral of this story is that summer has snuck up quickly, make sure you workout wear is up to speed with the heat.  Nothing is as uncomfortable as working out in soaking wet clothes…that is awful.  Remember cotton is rotten…it doesn’t allow for your body to breathe and holds in heat and moisture just to make you that much warmer.  Cotton also gets heavy and who wants to feel heavier when working out on a hot day.  Also, water bottles.  I love my aluminum water bottle; except it gets hot and then the water gets hot; so make sure you have plenty of ice.  If you workout for a decent amount of time make sure you replace electrolytes with whatever sports drink you choose; my new fav is coconut water.  Watch for friction in your sock area too…sweaty feet means a hot bed for blisters and foot funk in your shoes.  Need ideas for socks?  The local running store will have breathable comfy socks for you.  Be careful and have fun and remember your sunscreen.

Oh and one last tidbit of advice.  If you are new to working out or you have been gone awhile or you are trying to amp up your workouts…it is a really bad idea to do this outside in the heat and humidity.  Let your body get acclimated to the new workout in cooler conditions such as the gym or very early morning or late night workouts.  The heat of the day is dangerous to seasoned fitness folks; so it is not the time to start to amp up your routine.  If you get cold, light headed, the chills, feel like you are going to pass out.  STOP WORKING OUT AND CALL FOR HELP!