The weather is warming up, so we know your kids are on their last nerve waiting to run amock outside. P

romote that adventure and active lifestyle by playing with your kiddos. Ryan Krane, an L.A. based corrective exercise specialist and fitness consultant, is also a father of two and is trying to instill this lifestyle early. None of these exercises are truly competitive. In Ryan’s experience it’s best to promote the fun over the competition or ranking. However, you should hammer home this idea of safe form and technique. That’s why these exercises are so important. They are the fundamentals for correct movement and posture! Krane says that “since more kids are de-conditioned and not exercising often, exercise as a whole is super important. Technique is important for kids because we want to teach them healthy habits that they can incorporate into their later years of life.” Furthermore, “If a kid moves incorrectly as a child this will carry on throughout his life and he/she will be more susceptible to aches/pains, injuries, movement compensations and various other health issues.”

Fortunately for SM, Krane has stopped by to share 5 of his favorite outdoor games and exercises!

Doing all exercises twice should take about 20 minutes. Enjoy the springtime and the extra spring in your step!

1) Figure 8s:

How To: Place two objects such as cones, tennis balls cans, foam rollers or even toy trucks about 3 feet apart and run between and around the cones in the direction of a Figure 8.

Duration: 2 minutes.

What It’s Working: This is a great exercise for footwork. Great for agility, general aerobic conditioning, and is excellent for sports that require quick steps like tennis, soccer, and basketball.

2) Monster Walk:

HOW TO: Place a stretch band around your ankles and walk sideways across a tennis court, field, playground or your yard. Remember to have your feet facing forward and your hands on your waist.

Duration: 2 minutes

What It’s Working: This is a great exercise for your glutes. It combines cardio and strength at the same time.

3) Jacob’s Ladder:


HOW TO: Try an agility ladder exercises with the kids.  If you don’t have an “agility ladder” (they’re not expensive – around $20) you could draw a makeshift ladder with sidewalk chalk. Side step through each square on the agility ladder.

Duration: 1-2 sets for 30 seconds each.

What It’s Working: Cardio and footwork.

4) Walk the Plank MOVE:

HOW TO: Get in a plank position and move one leg away from your body and to the side while balancing on your arms and stationery leg. *Skinny Mom Suggestion: Add some fun by designating a Cap’t to call out the directions or make it more cardio based and have them alternate leg kicks. The Cap’t picks the speed–like a Simon Says.

Duration: Do 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps on each leg. Kids will laugh as they try to keep their balance!

What It’s Working: Core and leg strength– targets the lateral hip and entire core.

5) Walk the Plank GAME:

Another great way to incorporate this exercise is a good old game of freeze tag. Designate 2-3 taggers or “Cap’ts” and the rest are regular pirates. When tagged, the pirates have to assume the “plank” position and do the above move. To free a fellow pirate or mate, the others have to step over the frozen player, hence “walking the plank.”

Duration: Go for a couple rounds of 8-10 minutes and see how many pirates have to walk the plank!

*This is a Skinny Mom modification and suggestion.

BONUS GAME! Obstacle Course:

Combine all the exercises for one super-fun obstacle course. Make it themed with teams or partners, but don’t emphasize places. Have each team go separately or individually and make the others be cheering for them at the end!

*This is a Skinny Mom modification and suggestion.

Exercises 1-4 are from Ryan Krane, a certified corrective exercise specialist and fitness consultant. Follow Ryan on Twitter and Facebook! Check out his great videos on YouTube for more tutorials! Sign up for his newsletter at