Spring has officially sprung and you might be thinking about hitting the pavement for a nice jog again. Before you lace up those sneaks though, make sure you spring clean your workout wear for the best form and function.

  • Check the mileage on your kicks: Using worn out shoes for your sweat sessions can be setting you back in your workouts, or worse, making you vulnerable to injury. The old standard was to check the treads on the shoes, but the in-soles can fail long before the tread wears out. Your new standard should be approximately 300-400 miles on one pair of shoes so not to risk the arch protection the shoe is offering. Some experts recommend stocking up on a few different types of running shoes so that your foot does not become accustomed to one style of support, which can weaken your foot muscles.  Don’t risk an unnecessary injury and replace aging shoes at the first sign of loss in the integrity of the shoe.
  • Stock up on some new sports bras: Nothing is more uncomfortable during a jog than an unsupportive sports bra. Take the few minutes this spring to weed out the bras that have begun to fail you and find a few more trusty lifters. Compare your old bras to a new one to test the elastic hold and the strap support. You might need a few different styles for different workout types, but all of them should have significantly more hold than your everyday bra.
  • Designate a drop-off location by the door: If you haven’t already marked off an area for your gear then take the time to clear out a spot. You are more likely to workout if you pass by your gear multiple times a day and see that friendly reminder. Keep the area uncluttered and make sure it is easily accessible so you don’t have to waste precious workout time tracking down everything you need. Try to keep the area by an outlet so you can have a charging station for your music device.  After your workout, place tomorrow’s fresh clothes in your designated workout zone so you are all ready to go for your next workout.

Take advantage of the sunny days and all the fresh air that spring has to offer with a refreshing run. Just take the time before hand to get yourself running ready so you can avoid those nasty injuries and achieve those new personal bests.