Halloween Cookies

Halloween is pure fun for both adults and kids, and the Halloween fun doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen with your kids! You’re bombarded in the candy aisles into thinking this holiday is all about overindulgence, but thanks to some creative and healthy ideas, it’s really quite easy to find adorable food options that are too cute to spook and nutritious to boot! Here are some ways to scare up some Halloween fun in the kitchen that will keep your little monsters healthy.

Mummy Bagel: You’ll be the best mummy around if you start their day with this mummy bagel breakfast thanks to Eighteen25.

Mummy Bagel and Clementine Pumpkin

Photo Credit: “eighteen25”

Cheerio Chocolate Jack-o-Lantern: This cheery jack-o-lantern snack is made with Cheerios, dates and chocolate, found over at the Family Fresh Cooking blog.

Pumpkin Shaped Cheerios and Chocolate Treat

Photo Credit: “Family Fresh Cooking”

Ghost ParfaitsLove from the Oven brings us these colorful, ghostly fruit cups. They mimic candy corn colors with canned pineapple and mandarin oranges, playfully topped with whipped topping and an adorable ghost-shaped marshmallow.

Pineapple and Oranges with Cool Whip and Ghost Marshmallow

Photo Credit: “Love from the Oven”

Franken-sandwich: Your witch and wizard wannabes need fuel at school, so be sure to pack them something spooky and cool! Look at these spooky Halloween lunches from Meet the Dubiens.

Frankenstein Sandwich

Photo Credit: “Meet the Dubiens”

Ghost Berries: Who knew simple dunked strawberries could become such adorable ghosts? Make these healthy treats with the help of Candiquick.

Strawberry Ghosts

Photo Credit: “Miss Candiquik”

Recruit the help of your kiddos in the kitchen to help prepare these healthy Halloween treats and they’ll enjoy them even more!

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