Bored with your old exercise routine? Spice it up with the new exercise craze: Crossfit. It’s a high intensity routine and there are 5,500 affiliate gyms worldwide that teach Crossfit. It combines a mix of aerobic exercises, body weight exercises, gymnastics, and weight lifting. Each workout is typically 30 minutes or less, is very intense, and demands all out physical exertion.
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These workouts include sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, and carrying heavy objects such as tires or dumbbells. They’re always concluded with a period of group stretching.  You may be asking yourself why would anybody want to endure such a hardcore work out. Crossfit does more than just keep you healthy and looking your best.
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The combination of the different workouts and the hardcore nature of Crossfit prepare you physically for whatever life might throw at you. It also keeps your workouts fun and exciting by constantly changing the structure. There is no experience needed so you can start your Crossfit training today with these Crossfit Exercises for beginners. If you discover that Crossfit is right for you then find a Crossfit Gym Near you!!
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