You look at the clock. It is 9:30 pm and the kids are finally asleep. You’ve sent off that last email to your boss, brushed your teeth, made lunches and set the coffee timer for 6:00 am. Finally, some quiet time for you and your husband! But don’t twiddle your fingers tonight and wait for him to initiate the intimacy, instead spice things up a bit and surprise him! If you’re tired of the same boring routine, try out some of these tips to keep your man on his toes!

couple in bed sex

Give him a peep show: Nothing is sexier to a man than seeing you walk into the bedroom wearing a little piece of lingerie and ready to pounce. But of course, all men love the chase, so make him work for it by teasing him with a personal peep show. Trust us, if you start strutting your stuff in your bra and panties when you’re getting ready for work, brushing your teeth, or folding some laundry, he won’t be able to keep his eyes or hands off of you!

Send a naughty message: Start his morning off right by sending your man a sexy little email or text. Tell him how much you can’t wait for tonight and what kind of “gifts” he’ll come home to later. But remember, make sure it’s on his personal account and not his work email, because nothing would be more embarrassing than for his boss to see your naughty little note.

woman sending text message

Set the scene: If you’re sending the kids to grandma’s house for the night, it’s time to go all out for your man, in an inexpensive way. No need to rent a hotel room or plan an expensive vacation, instead chill the champagne, light the candles and get those cheesecake stuffed strawberries ready for some action at home.

Have a quickie: Okay, so you have 15 minutes until the kids come home from practice. Drag your lover up to the bedroom for a nice quickie! Or, if you’re feeling really spontaneous, try some of our favorite spots like the kitchen, laundry room or the garage for a seriously sexy scenario!

sex couple

Look the part: The next time you are planning a date night with your hubby, really take the time to get ready. Put on your best push-up bra or lacy panties, wear that risqué red dress that you haven’t yet had the nerve to, do your hair and makeup and finish with your favorite perfume.

Use some props: Playfully tease each other by adding a few adult toys into the mix. Add some handcuffs, sex dice, or maybe even a blindfold to ensure a more playful sexy time.

sexy dice

Game night: Family game nights are great, but try sending the kids to bed early and try out some adult games for you and your significant other. While most games are geared toward finding ways to fly your freak flag proudly, some are much more focused on helping couples rekindle romance and intimacy.

Sweet treats: If he has a sweet tooth, this is the perfect idea to make his taste buds, among other things, go crazy. Try dabbing a few spots whipped cream or chocolate syrup on your body, blindfold him, and have him search your body with his mouth for each and every spot.

chocolate on body

Play the role: Whether your fantasy is to reenact the love scene from your favorite romance novel, unleash your inner stripper with a lap dance, or simply feel the excitement of having your husband pick you up at a bar, role playing can awaken feelings in you that you never even knew were there. So ask yourself…who do I want to be tonight?

Sexual healing: Ask your man for a back rub tonight with your favorite-smelling lotion. But get ready for business, because when he flips you on your back post-massage, he’s going to pounce.

So the next time you’re feeling a little frisky, try adding one of these tantalizing tips to your routine. If you ever make it out of bed, we’re sure you’ll thank us for it!