I love cinnamon! Once the weather gets cold, I drink cinnamon tea, and add cinnamon from everything to soups, stews, nuts and roasted vegetables. Why is cinnamon so addicting, and what is the best way to get your fix?

Cinnamon is so addictive especially in cold weather, because our body knows what’s good for it. Since ancient Egypt, cinnamon has been used to fight colds and flu, as well as inflammatory conditions like arthritis and Alzheimer’s. In fact, today’s science is backing up those long held traditions.

According to ancient Ayurveda and eastern natural medicine, cinnamon has long been used to cure stomach upsets, and calm sore throats. It is incredibly unique because it combines two elements. It invigorates your immune system and your natural energy, but is also relaxes your digestive tract and your mind. No wonder we go crazy for cinnamon!

You can get all of the benefits of cinnamon cooked, bakes, stewed or in teas or tonics. You just have to try cinnamon in savory and sweet dishes like these.


For a sweet fix I love Cinnamon Nuts. I make this recipe based on Betty Crocker’s NYC Stand Cinnamon and sugar coated peanuts. For a better health profile I update the recipe by switching almonds for the peanuts and using natural sugar instead white. This recipe is worthy of any cinnamon addiction.


The most decadent cinnamon  staple is always the Cinnamon Bun. My favorite recipe is from the picky eater blog and is whole grain and low fat so you can enjoy them anytime. I love to make these for my kids as a surprise treat after school in the winter. If you find yourself craving more cinnamon snacks, try Skinny Mom’s Pumpkin Pie Yogurt +Cinnamon Toasted Walnuts!


The next must-try savory recipe for cinnamon satisfaction is Lentil Dahl. Like I said above the Indian culture has been cooking with cinnamon for hundred’s of years and they know what they are doing. This vegan recipe is a perfect balance of the savory cinnamon and earthy lentils.  This recipe actually stores wonderfully and is one my favorite meals to make when nursing. I make one batch and reheat it all week with leftover brown rice or quinoa.


Savory cinnamon dishes can be just as addicting. I love Cinnamon Roasted Vegetables. This is one of my favorite winter dishes, that is so good for you and so comforting it is a must try for cinnamon lovers. I use whatever roasting vegetables I have on hand but my standard is this mix above.  I sometimes add in canned chickpeas for a complete vegan meal.

If you love cinnamon for its taste or you have chronic stomach or congestion issues these are must-try recipes of every cinnamon lover.  Share you favorite way to sample cinnamon in the comments below.