My son has Autism, and he is completely non-verbal at age 9.  I spent the first 4 years of his life thinking something would change and we would find a magical cure to make him a normal little boy.  During those years, I also spent lots of time being bitter and angry at other families because they had normal children and normal activities.  It is hard to look at a boy the same age that is outside playing ball with other kids when your son has no friends to play with and does not know how to play ball.   It is a hard life, and I still catch myself having those feelings from time to time.  We do try to get our son into as many activities and therapies as time and money allow, making us feel a tiny bit more “normal” as a family.  We have done things like gymnastics and riding horses, which he has loved!

Being in Hawaii, most of his activities revolve around water.  He can swim like a fish and could swim all day long!  One of the first activities we ever did here was surf.  We found a great non-profit called Surfers Healing.  They travel all over the country to different beaches and give kids with autism a chance to try something they might never have a chance to do.  It is really an  amazing experience to watch these children light up when they are in the water.  The people who put on these one day camps are AMAZING.  The camps are free and run by an amazing and caring staff.  You can watch the video below to see more information on Surfers Healing and see some amazing kids surfing.

Surfers Healing 

This year, we will be doing the one day camp again, and we are excited!  I am amazed that these guys are able to get my son up on a board, but they do it with ease.  It is nice to be able to find sports activities that our son can take part in.  If you know anyone with an autistic child that is able to travel to one of the Surfers Healing camps, let them know about this organization.  It is a rare and wonderful opportunity that gives parents of these special kiddos a little normalcy in an otherwise difficult life.