These last two days have both been “one of those days”!  I am preparing for my Pro debut with The WBFF in less than 7 weeks, so training is very intense and I am carb cycling with the diet, Ugh…. My energy has been low and my patience short.  I know as moms, even if you are not a competitor, you all know exactly what I mean when I say “some days are just harder than others!” We all love our children more than life, but sometimes we need a break and a few hours to ourselves.  I do not believe there is anything wrong with taking a few hours to spend time alone, with friends, or a date with the hubby.  It will make you and everyone around you a lot happier.  We are, after all only human, even though as moms, we are SUPER HUMAN! Sometimes you just need to find a way to unwind and re-set your “happy switch”.
Here are a few ways I decompress:

  •    Lunch/dinner with friends or the hubby
  •    Read a good book or magazine
  •    Get a massage/facial
  •   Get a pedicure or nails done
  •   Go to a good “chick flick”
  •   Go shopping
  •   Take an easy/relaxing walk
  •   Take a drive in the country and turn the music up
  •   Get my hair done

Hopefully, after taking a few hours to yourself, you will feel more energized and tomorrow will be a better day! There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking time to pamper yourself.  Moms work so hard every single day trying to be perfect, no wonder we get stressed. I’m getting a massage and facial, and believe me, I CAN’T WAIT!  I know everyone else will thank me for it as well!