“I love that mommy is so much softer than daddy.”

“Mommy’s belly is so squishy.”

“Mommy’s butt is big!”

You have love honest comments from our children. They say how they see it. It doesn’t matter if it hurts your feelings or points out what we already know and worry about.  I am happy I am softer than daddy, because mommy’s are supposed to be the one you want to hug and cuddle when you are sad, scared or unhappy.  The softness of a mommy is what comforts us when we need to be comforted. When I am sick or scared my first thought is “I want my mom”.  I am happy my children love my softness… but deep down I what to have a nice, toned, hard body. I will keep working towards it and hopefully I will still be that soft comfort for my children too.

Recently, my four year old daughter told me, “Mommy your butt is big!” Now my behind may not be as small as it once was, but it ain’t big! Compared to her tiny four year old bottom, yes I guess you can say it is big. But in reality- it isn’t so bad overall. Lately, I haven’t been happy with how I look in photographs, but I have to ask myself, “Who else is in the picture with me”? My children. My skinny, lean, toned little children. Of course I look big compared to them. I hope I look big compared to them or I would be one teeny mommy.  I have to remind them all the time I am an adult and that I had all three of them in my belly. Actually, I blame them for any softness I have. If I never had them in my belly I may not be as soft as I am now. They are aware of that.

It isn’t as funny when it comes from an adult. My aunt, god bless her, kept telling me, “You’ve gained weight”. I think she has said that to me several times over the last decade. I finally asked her why she tells me that. Her reply was, “You were so skinny in high school, I noticed you gained weight”.  Ummmm. High school was (eek!) 24 years ago! I was 88 pounds my senior year. I hope I’ve gained some weight!  She meant it in an innocent way, but I took it as an insult for many years.  I am so glad I asked. I have been teaching my children to not tell people they are fat. Ever. No matter if they think it in their heads. Never tell a woman she is fat. Or old. But that is another topic for another day. In the meantime, I will try to embrace my soft and comforting body while working on my hard body.

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