Advances in technology have not only made everyday tasks easier, but have also changed the way we gather information about the world around us and our friends and family members too. Social media has had an impact on so many aspects of our social lives. One event that is no exception is the pregnancy reveal. While many women simply announce it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites, others take it a few steps further and film themselves waiting for the results of their home pregnancy test and finding out what their future holds.

Some might say this is taking it too far or it is just way too early to be sharing this very emotional event with friends and family, and even often time strangers viewing the video that the hopeful mom-to-be has posted on YouTube, which many have started calling “womb tube.” While of course the Internet has become an enabler, it probably isn’t the cause of someone being an “oversharer.” Women who choose to share this news so early on have probably always been the one who just HAS to tell you about what happened to her or what might happen. She is the one that shares a little too much information and intimate details of her life. Perhaps this is just a way of begging for attention from friends, family members, strangers or maybe even a Hollywood film casting director!

These videos are becoming evermore popular and maybe even more graphic as some women film the entire process even including footage of testing supplies immediately after use. For some viewers this is just too much to watch, while perhaps others find comfort in witnessing someone going through what they have been through or will be going through in the near future.

While it is healthy and positive to share good news and bad news, there is a time for it. Because 80% of miscarriages occur sometime during the first three months of pregnancy, it can cause even more emotional devastation and make it harder to get over when you have to share this bad news with everyone so soon after sharing your good news. Another problem with announcing your pregnancy to everyone on your chosen social networking website can lead to lots of people being hurt that they heard the news from someone else before they heard it from you. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you tell the people closest to you first before assuming they’ll see soon after your post about it.

While there are some negative aspects and possible consequences to posting your pregnancy reveal immediately after finding out on Social Media platforms, there obviously isn’t a black or white, right or wrong way to handle the pregnancy reveal. It is a personal decision that one has the right to make. What do you think? Does it cause more harm than good? Did you announce your pregnancy soon after finding out? We’d love to hear from you and get your take on this rising trend!