Whether it’s a snowy weekend or a weekday blizzard, you’ll find yourself scrambling for activities that will keep the kids busy. Here a few great ideas for both indoors and out, some of which will even get the kids helping you out 🙂

Start a Scrapbook
What better way to take advantage of the free time with your kids, but also make use of photographs you might have accumulating in an unorganized clutter. You can start with a small size scrapbook to show of a particular event or activity. Provide the kids with colored paper stamps, stickers and even decorative cut scissors if they’re old enough.

Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunt
A fun way to really pass the time while enjoying family togetherness is by doing something that turns on the competitive mind or work in teams if your family is big enough. You can do this either by intentionally hiding items around the house or simply make up a list of items you know are in the house. Some examples might be toothpaste, something with the word “special” on it, something made of wood, a crayon, etc. Another way to play is to have one prize that is found by following clues that lead the kids around the house. For example, look where cold food is kept (here they find another clue), look under the lamp (find another clue) and so on.

Puppet Show
Putting on a puppet show is a surefire way to spark your children’s’ creative minds and is perfect for a snowy or rainy day. You can make the puppets out of items found around the house like socks, paper lunch bags, straws, tape, construction paper and more. Then the kids can either put on a play of their favorite story or make up their own play with original characters and script.

Snowman’s Helper
When the kids get tired of building snowmen and making snow angels, you might ask them if they want to help you clear snow. Assign them a small section of driveway, sidewalk or driveway. This works particularly well for small children who love to help, and even if their helping is really more like playing, its still keeping them busy and giving them a sense of usefulness and accomplishment.

Get to Work
If you work at home and are looking for a way to keep the kids occupied, you can let them help with your business. Children often like helping out in this way as it makes them feel responsible and useful. This could also be a way for them to learn new skills and understand your job. Whether they are simply sorting, organizing or typing up form letters, this is a great way to bond while still getting your work done on a snow day.


Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks via Compfight cc