I have mentioned many times that I’m a busy mom of four, and when I say busy, I mean busy! With four children very active in hockey and other activities, we are constantly on the go, which means I am always looking for ways to make my life easier, especially when it comes to planning and preparing meals. I do my best to save time by either making a big batch of soup, chili, or spaghetti, and we eat that for a couple of meals, throwing half in the freezer for those nights that are extra crazy. But having the same thing for dinner repeatedly can get very boring, as my kids like to point out! As we all know, trying to come up with something different every night is exhausting! We have all been there asking that dreaded question, “What am I going to make for dinner?”

So when I got an offer to try out Once A Month Mom, a website geared towards bulk cooking and freezer friendly meals, I jumped at the opportunity! Created by Tricia Callahan, Once A Month Mom takes care of all the meal planning for me for a full month! I simply choose a menu plan that best suits my family from one of the six listed on their site–with choices including Traditional, Whole Foods, Gluten Free/Dairy Free, Baby Food, Vegetarian and Diet–and then pick the month I want to follow.

Each meal plan comes with:

  • printable recipe cards
  • a grocery list
  • food prep & cooking instructions
  • an easy to follow conversion chart
  • labels for each recipe

I decided to go with the November Vegetarian Menu Plan for my family, as I felt the meals listed were ones that best suited my style of cooking. The menu should yield approximately 6-10 breakfasts, 8 lunches and 16 dinners, having us eating each entree two times within the month. If I want to make more of a certain dish, I simply use the easy conversion chart that comes with each recipe, figure out how many servings I want to make, and then make the following adjustments for each ingredient.

I love how user friendly the Once A Month Mom site is. It is so easy to navigate my way around, and it’s full of fabulous information, kitchen tips, and resources. I was fascinated by the Sliced & Diced section under the resource tab. A page devoted to giving you the low down on everything from raw and cooked meat and vegetable conversions, to canned beans versus dry, even how many raspberries or strawberries are in a pint. I could of read this section for hours!

I am so excited to get started! Having my freezer full of ready made, home cooked meals especially around this time of year is going to make for a stress free holiday season.

Stay tuned for part two in my Once A Month Mom journey. To check out more from Once a Month Mom, click here.