For all of those brave souls that venture out for the best deals every Friday after Thanksgiving…we have a few pointers and suggestions…

First off, here are some popular destinations that are opening their doors on THURSDAY:

  • Toys R Us: opens their doors at 9 pm.


  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Old Navy
  • HH Gregg

General Suggestions for Effective Shopping:

1. Keep it comfy and simple: Wear a hoody, layer it up and lace up those Nikes.  Bulky coats are impractical, hard to carry and even harder to remember to pick back up! As for shoes, seriously consider the sneakers. Even your “comfiest” flats are going to start pinching.

2. Declutter the purse…or better yet, leave the hobo bag at home. We all know your carry-on baggage is only going to build. The more stuff your stuff into your purse, the more to account for. That noon brain-mush is not going to be able to keep track of your deals and your cell phone case.

3. Research and Map it out. Don’t just write down the stores and the deals you would like to check out. Order them and prioritize. The more you write out, the less there is to remember.

4. Tweet: @blackfriday and follow the hashtag #blackfriday to find up-to-date info and deals the day of!

5. Keep those RECEIPTS. We have all experienced the impulse buy. With that great bargain sale…it’s even more tempting! But, when we get home and let sanity take over once again we may feel the occasional buyer’s remorse. Buy a separate pouch or receipt holder to make sure you have every proof of purchase. Say “no” to “receipt in the bag?”

 6. There’s an app for that.  While many stores are offering price-matching these days, you should be armed and ready with the best  sources. Many Here are 4 smartphone apps you must-have:

  • Nextag: this is a bar scanning app that finds the product on/in other sites/stores to find the best price. Many large stores offer price-matching, like Wal-Mart.
  • Black Friday Survival Guide by Sazze, Inc.:  This is a news aggregation site and app for everything Black Friday. It gathers and categorizes the news to make it extremely user-friendly and it’s all verified news. The leaked ads are real and trusted. Plus, you can also customize it by saving your own personal shopping list.
  • Shop Savvy: This is similar to Nextag. It is a price comparison tool that works by scanning barcodes via your smartphone camera! You can search a specific product, find its location in the nearest store via your location, and the best price. You can also add your credit card information to purchase the item from top retailers…with a swipe!
  • Discount Calculator: These are found all over the app stores! They run percentages like crazy and help you figure out juuuust how much you are saving.

Good Luck shoppers, may the prices be ever in your favor (Hunger Games anyone?!)