I have a love/hate relationship with “wraps”.  I understand that they are sometimes “better” for you than bread – BUT it seems like you can either never taste the wrap (so why even eat it) or the flavor of the wrap itself takes away from whatever it is wrapped around. So to say I was hesitant about trying the La Tortilla Factory wraps would be true.

I received 3 different types of wraps to try (Smart & Delicious Soft Wrap Minis, Smart & Delicious High Fiber/Low Carb, and Smart & Delicious 100 Calories).  I tried the Smart & Delicious Soft Wrap Minis (White Whole Wheat) for a buffalo chicken wrap I was “inventing”.  (Which, you should try because I’ve eaten it 6 more times since its inception and it is still really freaking good.)  I decided on this one because I’m doing WeightWatchers and these were 1 pt each, or two for 2 pts.  They are “mini” so I thought I would eat two.  I did not.  But I digress, more on that in a second.  I love how no matter what healthy eating plan you are following – they have a wrap to fit your needs.


I really enjoyed cooking with these wraps because they were easy to roll (no cracking or breaking!), filling (I only ate one wrap), I could taste them, and they tasted like – um – bread.  So they just enhanced my wrap instead of making it taste stale or “odd”.

I have since used every singe wrap they sent me – they are all fantastic.  Breakfast wraps have now become in demand in our house, and its a tradition I’m going to keep!  My two year old asks for a peanut butter wrap now instead of a sandwich, and if he’s loving them, I’m REALLY loving them!


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