For most people, a triathlon is a lofty goal.  They picture elite athletes with enviably low body fat percentages racing by in spandex.  If you’ve ever competed in or watched a triathlon, you know this isn’t necessarily the case.  I’m not saying there aren’t perfect 10s strutting around, but the vast majority weekend warriors are of all shapes, sizes, and athletic abilities competing to complete.  Don’t get me wrong, competing in a triathlon is a huge accomplishment, but no one should be intimidated to give it a try.

I know first hand what I’m talking about kiddos; in 2009 I competed in my first (and so far only) triathlon.  A few things you should know about the 2009 version of Heather Foley, she was about 20lbs heavier and not in very good shape, nor did she run, swim, or bike (she still doesn’t BTW).  So why the heck did I do a triathlon?  Simple, the triathlon was in Nantucket, and I’m easily bribed with a weekend away.  Also, I thought it would be pretty cool to say I was a triathlete.

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t take my training very seriously.  A couple of spin classes a week, some treadmill time, and a few pool sessions doing the nana sidestroke…what the heck was I thinking?  The triathlon itself was a bit “I Love Lucy”.  I realized on the ferry I forgot my bike helmet, and while going throw my bags looking for it, I realized I grabbed my son’s cartoon swim goggles instead of my nice (aka expensive) goggles.  After I got off the ferry I hopped onto bike and realized I should have taken it for a test ride before the day of the triathlon, because it was about 6 inches too big for me.  I seriously had to jump on and off the bike, so dumb.

Guess what?  There’s a really big difference between swimming by yourself in a lap pool and swimming in the open ocean with a few hundred people, like a huge difference, who would have thought?  Looking back swimming laps in a wave pool would have been much better training.  Like the tough cookie I am, I just put my head down and swam, and swam, and swam.  I swam so darn hard I missed the turn back to the shore, I mean a sprint triathlon just isn’t challenging enough; I think subconsciously I wanted to really challenge myself.  I was so far off the mark someone had to kayak up to me, hit me with his paddle and explain to me what a doofus I was.  And then the creep wouldn’t even bring me back to shore, I hate him.

The bike and swim were pretty uneventful, except that I totally caught a woman cheating (seriously, who cheats?)  And I should probably explain that thanks to my little swim mix up (and terrible transitions) I was bringing up the rear, I may have had a police motorcycle behind me the whole run, mocking me mercilessly.  But I finished a triathlon, it wasn’t pretty, but I finished, and not in last place, and that’s good enough for me.

So why am I telling you all this?  Simple, I’m itching to train for another triathlon.  I feel like my first run at triathlon training wasn’t all that impressive, I didn’t give it 100%, and darn it, I want a do over.  Last time, I was such a hot mess that I didn’t even have a training plan.  Seriously, why am I so dumb sometimes?  Or should I say why was I so dumb, because now I have a plan.  I’m armed with my copy of “7 Weeks to a Triathlon” by Brett Stewart and Lewis Elliot, and you can be too.  That’s right Skinny Mom is giving away a copy of the book, check it out:

7 Weeks to a Triathlon

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Seven weeks, we can all do seven weeks, right?  Seven weeks to bragging rights?  Seven weeks to finding your inner athlete?  Seven weeks to skyrocketing self-confidence?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes!  This book contains progressive training, motivational advice, pro tips, and even cross training, it’s a great, easy to follow guide for moms on the go who want to take their fitness to the next level, and that’s you, right?

 I highly recommend this book for anyone training for a triathlon. It’ s a sure way to get your body and mind in shape for the big event!

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